Thursday, December 11, 2014

#IGminiswap Medallion Mini

This was my first year of swaps, and has honestly been a mixed bag.  As a whole I'd say the negatives out weighed the positives to the point that I've sworn off group swaps (more on that another day).  The last swap I signed up for before coming to this conclusion was the #igminiswap on Instagram.  Here's the quilt I made:

Museum Medallion center medallion mini, measures about 21" square.

 I actually started this quilt as a prototype for the bigger version I'm working on (see more of that quilt here).  I wanted to make sure I could successfully machine piece those petal pieces, and also experimented with various methods, including recreating the petal pattern in two pieces so I'd only be piecing half the curve (I decided it was just as easy and looked better to do the full curve).

Quilting detail.  The orange petal on the far left I made in two pieces.

If you're considering this pattern and want to do it by machine, my best tip for the petals is sew from the edges to the center.  Both of the petal borders I've made had serious warping issues (ruffles?  waves?) and needed a lot of ripping and taking in the seams connecting the petals.  Hopefully others don't have that issue, but I've seen it on other's museum medallions, so I don't think it was just me.

Quilting detail.

I used mostly scraps--cutting into yardage only when my scraps lacked the correct color. It turned out nice enough that I decided the prototype was worthy of becoming a mini quilt.

Quilt back.

On the back I used scraps from the Giant Pink Star quilt and some Tula Pink scraps from the Saltwater Triangle quilt I made a couple of years ago.

Little pink wonky stars.

Museum Medallion mini quilt

 I quilted it using Aurifil #2605.  I really like how it adds interest in the solid grey areas, yet disappears in the light grey, leaving only texture. 

My partner has received the quilt and raved over it, so I'm glad it has gone to a well loving home :-)

Sunlit quilt back.  

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

More Medallion

Progress continues on my version of the Museum Medallion quilt--my only project for the month of December, so I hope you guys don't tire of seeing it for a few more weeks!  Here it is from last week:

Museum Medallion as of last week.

Here it is today:

Museum Medallion today, currently measures 67" square.

The pattern called for a second border of diamonds, but I was not looking forward to making it.  After thinking about it a lot I decided to make a flying geese border instead.

Flying geese border layout.

I really like how the geese add another pointy shape to the quilt. (I made 25 geese per side, the geese measured 4"x 2.25" so they finished at 3.5"x 1.75", and then I added 3/4" strip of fabric to each end of the geese row to make it the right size).

Flying geese border sewn on, with fancy cornerstones.  I like how the cornerstones look like goose roundabouts.

The last pieced border is a drunkard's path block:

One done, 175 to go!

The cutting of these is so fiddly, but hopefully they sew up nicely!  Fingers crossed I can finish the quilt top by next week, but I always have grand expectations of my productivity, haha.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Museum Medallion Progress

Last I posted about this quilt it looked like this:

Current Museum Medallion quilt in center, prototype is far right, Michael Miller cotton couture pastel challenge on the left.

I did finish the triangle border in November, and so far this month I've already squared it off and added two more borders!

Museum Medallion with border 1 and 2.

I've been using the Museum Medallion pattern.  It's beautiful, right?  It's an advanced hand piecing pattern that I am piecing by machine.  I've been having a lot of problems with the sizing of the pattern pieces, but I've been taking notes along the way and will be giving away the pattern, my templates and notes when I'm finished!  (does that express how much I never want to make it again?  haha)

Museum Medallion quilt, border 2 in progress.

.The diamond border uses triangles to set the squares on point, but if I do the second diamond border I'll just use full squares to set the diamonds on point--then I'll have more wiggle room and will be able to properly trim it down so the points don't get cut off.

Have you ever made the Museum Medallion pattern?  I'd love to see it, or maybe here some tips you've figured out along the way!  If you're on IG you can tag them #museummedalliontips

Monday, December 1, 2014

C+S AMH Feather table runner

Feather Table runner, measures about 8" x 44"

Today I have this lovely table runner to share with you!  It was a birthday swap gift for Mara of Simon Says Sew.  She had mentioned table runners, feathers (which of course I am happy to oblige) and loving Cotton and Steel fabrics.  So I finally opened some of my bundles and used the Anna Maria Horner feather pattern again.

Pink C+S AMH feather.

Blue C+S AMH feather.

I made this last month in between working on a pastel quilt (I hate pastels, it turns out) and so loved have a bright, cheery quilt to work on!  It helped refresh my quilting soul.  The quilting was a fun exercise of just going with the flow, which inevitably includes some bugs:

FMQ snail #1

FMQ snail #2

FMQ butterfly (wish I had echo quilted it).

I quilted it using Aurifil Blossom Pink (#2530).  I love how the quilting adds so much character to the quilt!  I use Aurifil grey #2605 in the bobbin.

FMQ spiral with pebbles.

Lots of FMQ feathers and variations.

I used some C+S polka dots for the backing.

This was my first time making a table runner and really didn't know what size it should I let the feathers dictate the size--it finished around 8" x 44".  Makes me look forward to someday having tables clean enough to decorate with a pretty runner!

Are you a table runner person?  What size do you like them to be?

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mid-month update

Is this month flying by for anyone else?  It's already more than half over (and Thanksgiving is next week!!) and I have finished any of the projects on my to-do list.  The good news I should finish 3 of them this week!  

What's on my design wall right now.

1. My QuiltCon challenge quilt using the Michael Miller cotton couture pastel fabrics is al.most.done.finally.  That quilt has challenged me in more ways than expected!  Needs to be trimmed, bound, photographed and submitted.

2.  I've been slowly working on the commissioned Museum Medallion quilt (center of photo above)--hoping to finish by the end of the year, stretch goal is by Christmas.

3. A birthday gift for the Birthday Bash swap--trying to keep it mostly secret still! Planning to mail it out on Friday and be able to share photos of it by next Friday.

4. My Museum Medallion prototype turned out so nice I turned it into a mini quilt for the #igminiswap, needs to be bound and mailed out beginning of December.

5. And last but certainly not least, my Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilts quilt returned last week!!

Traveling quilt contributors: Laura from Little and Lots, Jessica from Quilty Habit and Ashley from Wasn't Quilt in a Day.

I gave them the color palette and the theme "quilts of a feather" and this is what they gave me!  I love what these ladies added to this quilt and can.not.wait to finish this quilt (one more border to add) and quilt it up!  I had hoped to submit it to QuiltCon as well, but don't think 10 days to finish it by the deadline is enough, especially with a big holiday and house guests next week.

Corner detail.  Look at all that pretty!

This quilt needs better than a rush job, and after trudging through the pastel challenge quilt I just want to enjoy this one!  Plus I'm still waiting on a fabric order for the last border and the backing.

Hope everyone has been having a productive and hopefully less insane month!  I'm planning to be back to blogging a little more regularly next month :-)