Sunday, May 15, 2011


About a month ago my dad's girlfriend gave me a box of fabric.  There's a lot of fabric I'll probably just pass on, but the best thing I found was a pile of these:
Hand stitched nine patch squares!
 There are probably enough of them to make a twin sized quilt, with sashing and a border.  But I'm not really a nine-patch type of gal, so I decided to turn them into disappearing nine patch (D9P) blocks, which means I cut the above block into fourths, rotated the quarters, then sewed them back together to get this:

The squares weren't cut or sewn together very accurately, so these are more like wonky D9P blocks.
Still wonky after squaring it up, but at least all of these blocks will be consistent. 

After making the first block I decided I liked it enough to do it to all of them, so I cut all the nine patch blocks:

My first plan was to make a D9P quilt with no sashing or border...but then I would need a lot more blocks than I have.  So now my plan is to add sashing and a small border, and hopefully I have enough of the original  fabric to finish up the quilt.

But for right now it is all sitting in a box in a corner while I finish up the log cabin baby quilt.  I like working on only one quilt at a time, unless one of them is at a dead end, or I'm waiting for inspiration or materials.  But still, I'm anxious to work on this quilt, I hope it looks good when it's finished!

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