Tuesday, May 17, 2011


For some reason posting about this makes me nervous, even though I'm sure I want to.  It took me several days to find the motivation to actually get this quilt started.  This is the beginning of my Cesarean quilt:

"Cesarean" art quilt, basted and ready to be art-i-fied.
My son was born by an unplanned (and probably unnecessary) cesarean section nearly 16 months ago.  This quilt is my way of releasing and expressing some of the emotional and spiritual damage I have from it.  I've been planning on some type of art form to express what I feel, and about a week ago it dawned on me to "quilt it out."

I dreamt up this quilt one night as I was falling asleep.  The image, the colors, and how it would come together fit perfectly in my mind.  The next day I did a bunch of google image searches to see what other cesarean-inspired art I could find.  Almost all of it was dark, sad and disturbing.  And I was able to relate to all of it, though none it felt like what I have planned for this quilt.  So I'm glad I have this blog to share it with the world...certainly there are other women that feel the way I do?  I guess I haven't exactly express how I feel...but I'm taking baby steps, and plan to get to it as I progress through this quilt.

I finished up quilting the log cabin baby quilt, and am stuck at binding and labeling it, so it was a good time to start another quilt.  For the Cesarean quilt, I chose some white muslin for the top, some thrifted polyester batting, and a red sheet for the back.  

I've already sketched what I want on this quilt, and as soon as I'm done writing up this post I plan to go draw it on my basted fabric.  Then I'll start cutting up scraps and other appropriately colored fabric, and pin it to the quilt.  Ever since I came across Crazy Mom Quilt's ticker tape quilt I've wanted to make one, and it will (hopefully) work perfectly for this project.

I'll be posting updates on the quilt often.  My goal is to have it finished by the end of June and hang it above our bed (assuming Matt agrees to it).  I'm hoping he'll help with the quilt, actually I need him to help with it, so then it will be our quilt and be fitting over our bed.  We'll see I guess :-)

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