Saturday, May 14, 2011

Log Cabin Baby quilt

Originally posted May 12th, but blogger ate it.

A couple of months ago I came across an Arcadia honeybun on sale and had to have it.  I can honestly say I don't do that very often.   It sat in a box for a couple of months, then I realized it would make the perfect sized, gender neutral, baby quilt!  My husband's roommate from college's wife is having a baby in Septemberish (got all that?).  And even though I don't know them well, they are the only people I know right now that are expecting, and I'm quite excited for them.  So excited I want to make them every baby thing I know how to make.  But I think I will limit it to a quilt (and maybe some new born pants and booties!). 

Right, the quilt.  I unrolled the honeybun and organized the strips by color, then reorganized by pattern:

Then I paired them up and started making log cabin blocks.  In retrospect I wish I had considered my log cabin layout before sewing...but oh well.  Here's the first block:

Next it was squared up to 8 1/4"
Once I finished all 20 blocks, I laid them on the floor and spent an entire nap time rearranging them to figure out which layout worked the best.  I kept coming back to a star, and tried it many ways.  Finally I decided on one and sewed the blocks together to get this:

More fore thought would have produced a nicer looking star, but I still like it okay.

I decided to only use 16 blocks, so there are 4 orphaned blocks (I'll probably use one of them for a taggie/ribbon toy).  Then I took my little quilt top to Joann's and found some coordinating fabric to use for prairie points and border fabric.  I've never made prairie points, so I went internetting for a good tutorial.  I found a good one on SewTakeAHike, and made a practice run last night.  They turned out smaller than I wanted, so I'm glad I made a practice set. 

And that's where I'm at now.   I'll think I'll go upstairs while the babe is still sleeping and make some more prairie points!  :-)

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