Monday, May 16, 2011

When it rains, it pours...fabric

In the past couple of weeks I've collected a huge amount of fabric:
The box of fabric I mentioned in this post.
More fabric out of the box.  I was happy to find more matching fabric for the D9P quilt I'm making, in case I need to make more blocks.

Fabric from Joann's for the Log Cabin Baby Quilt, and three other quilts I haven't started yet...

My Mother's Day Gift :-)

A freebie I got with a recent order.

Thrift store find, all for about $6.  The batting turned out to be big enough for the art quilt I'm about to start and the twin sized quilt I've start, yay!

Fabric my mom gave me since she's moving.

A friend that is a crafter and quilter invited me to go check out some fabric a friend of hers was selling.  There was SO much to choose from.  I tried to only buy what I thought I might use on the quilts I already have started, or have plans to start in the near future.
Today's thrift store find (despite the fabric-buying moratorium I have),  all this for about $3!  The bottom fabric is a light weight corduroy I can't wait to use for a purse, and the top is about 1/2 yard of some gorgeous batiks!  :-) more fabric buying for a while!  I hope.  I really, really hope all I need for the next several quilts are batting and thread.

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