Thursday, June 30, 2011

D9P, now The Fourth of July quilt

Last update here.  Since this quilt is (mostly) red, white and blue, and the Fourth of July is on Monday, I feel that the new name is appropriate.  I've spent all my sewing time on it lately and have made a lot of progress!

The blocks, with sashing.  I decided to do the sashing a little different, so the blocks are still independent of each other.  It meant I was able to work on it a lot more with a toddler in the room!
All sewn together!  Matt said it is very Americana.
Bonus photo, with the kiddo!

I've already started attaching the border, so I'll be done with the quilt top by the end of the day!  My goal is to have the quilt top complete, then make the quilt sandwich today so I can start quilting it tomorrow.  I'm going to try and get as much done by the Fourth as possible!

More side projects

This month has been so busy I haven't had a lot of time to quilt.  Plus the summer weather inspires me to make fun things for the kiddo.  First I made a crayon roll, following this tutorial, it was so fast and easy!  I will definitely be making more of these.

An 8-crayon roll.

Then I made a small duffle bag.  My mom made me and my three siblings similar bags when we were little and we used them for camping and short trips.  I still have mine, though it is starting to come apart at the seams.  This one is the proto-type, since I mostly winged it (I found some small duffle bag tutorials to help with the tricky things, but mostly it was it was simple bag to put together).  Anyway, it turned out really well:

We call it the Safari bag since the one side has a big tiger, and the ends have zebras and elephants.
We took both of these on a week long trip to Monterey, CA and they were great to have.  Now that we're back I'm trying to focus on the D9P, which I now call The Fourth of July quilt (my new goal for completion, which is a bit unrealistic, but I'm hopeful), more on it later!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cesarean Quilt: Complete

Edit:  I revisited this quilt and you can read more about it here.

I finally finished sewing the binding and hanging sleeve on the Cesarean Quilt earlier this week (previous post here, first post here).  It took a couple more days to get photos of it and hang it in our bedroom though.

Finished size is about 65" x 38", I chose a light grey for the binding.

The back, which I like just as much as the front!

Over our bed.  Again, the red is not supposed to be blood, it's just a powerful color that holds a lot of (quilted) powerful words.

The label, quited in.

I am so happy to have this quilt done.  Part of me expected to magically have all of the negative feelings gone by making it...but that is not the case.  However, it was wonderful to work on, and my husband and I both reviewed the whole cesarean experience and discussed everything quite a bit.  And it is really nice to have all of our emotions out of ourselves, ya know?  We don't need to hold onto them anymore.  No matter how much we think or talk about what might have been, what happened happened, and now all we can do is deal with the left over emotional damage.  This quilt was a big part of the that :-)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Some side projects

This past week I've finished two quilts (the log cabin baby quilt and the cesarean quilt [more on that one later!]), and also did some other little sewing projects.  The first was making some swim diapers I found on SewMamaSew

The first one I made is on the's a bit bigger.

I knew there would be a learning curve working with new materials, so I expected the first diaper to turn out not so great...which is exactly how it turned out.  I think with a little tweaking it will be a great diaper for later this year or next year, so it wasn't a complete waste!  The second diaper I basted the layers together before adding the elastic, and that helped quite a bit! 

Layers carefully basted so they don't shift while sewing on the elastic.

I'll probably use this pattern again to make some pull-up diapers once we're ready for them.  It was so easy to make these!

He loves wearing them!

I've also been working on making some sheets for the Peapod travel tent we just got.

I've been winging it...which means a lot of trial and error.

I was hoping elastic would work, but the sheet wasn't cut large enough:

It just slips off...the next sheet will have extra fabric so this will work.

Next I plan to try velcro. I hope it works, this small, simple project is taking up a lot of time. 

D9P update

I finally finished trimming all 30 blocks!  It's been a busy week, but I wanted to get some work done on this quilt.  I  laid all the blocks on the floor last night and thought about sashing, but don't know what to do, so I'm hoping y'all can help!  Here are all the blocks:

I plan to add 3" sashing and a 4" border.

Here are the sashing and border color choices:

I have enough light denim color for all the sashing and border, and enough red (with small white polka dots) for corner stones.  I actually don't have any white to speak of (above is just a scrap), but it is cheap and easy to get more.
My husband and I discussed denim sashing with red corner stones, and thought maybe white sashing would look better...and are stuck on what to do next!  What do you think will look best?  For those unsure of what sashing and corner stones are, here's a photo:

This quilt has tan sashing and dark brown corner stones.  

Friday, June 3, 2011

Log Cabin Baby quilt, Done!

Previous post about this quilt here.

Yesterday and today I worked on binding for this quilt and my Cesarean quilt.  For my Cesarean quilt I will hand stitch the binding on the back, but this quilt I decided to machine sew it on, so it went really quickly!

Inspired by this blogger, I tried free motion quilting the label into the binding...didn't turn out very well (should have used some type of stabilizer, oh well).  

So then I just used my trusty Crayola fabric markers to make a label.

Finished quilt!  Measures 39"x39"

Quilting detail

For backing I used some flannel out of my stash, which I really like the look and feel of, but it made quilting a lot more work!  I had no idea flannel produced so much more drag!

Now I can't wait to give it to the recipients and see if they like it.  :-)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cesarean Quilt: White and Words

Here's the previous entry about my Cesarean Quilt.

I decided to do white thread for the quilting on the white area (inpired by Nina Paley's recent "Air" quilt).  I love how it turned out, lots of texture, but not distracting at all:

I like to think they look like air currents. 

The white quilting went so fast!  I realized the the choosing, placing, glueing, and sewing of the small pieces had been quite time consuming.  After I finished the white I made lists of all the negative and positive words Matt and I had come up with.  There were about 30.  As I started sewing them onto the quilt, I thought of more and more, and soon had over 50.  Since I finished sewing all those words on I've thought of maybe 10 more.  Hopefully I'll have time to quilt them in tonight.  Here are a few of the words we chose:

"drugged" "disconnected" and "scared"

"guilt" "fear" and "frustrating"

I then measured it a bunch and trimmed the edges so it would be square (or near it).  Hopefully adding another 10 words wont put it out of whack.

Ready for binding and a hanging sleeve!

Wow, I just love it.  It is everything I wanted and imagined it to be!  I can't wait to finish and hang it over our bed!  :-)