Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cesarean Quilt: White and Words

Here's the previous entry about my Cesarean Quilt.

I decided to do white thread for the quilting on the white area (inpired by Nina Paley's recent "Air" quilt).  I love how it turned out, lots of texture, but not distracting at all:

I like to think they look like air currents. 

The white quilting went so fast!  I realized the the choosing, placing, glueing, and sewing of the small pieces had been quite time consuming.  After I finished the white I made lists of all the negative and positive words Matt and I had come up with.  There were about 30.  As I started sewing them onto the quilt, I thought of more and more, and soon had over 50.  Since I finished sewing all those words on I've thought of maybe 10 more.  Hopefully I'll have time to quilt them in tonight.  Here are a few of the words we chose:

"drugged" "disconnected" and "scared"

"guilt" "fear" and "frustrating"

I then measured it a bunch and trimmed the edges so it would be square (or near it).  Hopefully adding another 10 words wont put it out of whack.

Ready for binding and a hanging sleeve!

Wow, I just love it.  It is everything I wanted and imagined it to be!  I can't wait to finish and hang it over our bed!  :-)


  1. really awesome, Nae! I can't wait to see it in person when it is finished. How cool that Matt was also involved in its creation

  2. I'm in love with that quilt!