Saturday, July 16, 2011

Update on the HSTs

Since my first post about the HST quilt, I had to wait about a week (since I ordered on a holiday) for the charm packs to come in.  It was enough time to finish up some other little projects I had going, and finish cutting a bazillion 5" grey squares.  As soon as the charm packs arrived I started sewing them into half square triangles.  Then pressing and ironing them (not a favorite task in the middle of July!).  Then I spent several days trimming and squaring each small was so tedious!  All 352 squares were trimmed to 4.5".

Finally done with all 352 of them!

But after considering different size/dimensions for the quilt I realized I would need another 5 squares.  Thankfully I had added some fabric from my stash, and still had a bit left!

Today my sister, Julie, came over to layout the squares into the way she liked. We looked at a few options online, and then started putting them on the floor.  There are fewer of the yellow and white blocks, so we had to rearrange a couple of times.  But we finally ended up with this (which actually required me to make 8 extra blocks, instead of 5):

It is 20 blocks by 18 blocks, so it will finish to about 80"x72", plus I plan to add a border.

This evening we ended up putting the kiddo to bed about 30 minutes early, so I set to work sewing the now 360 blocks together:

It took 10 minutes per row, not too bad!  The bottom rows are not ironed yet.  

So at this rate it will take me nearly 3 more hours to sew the rest of the blocks into rows!  Jeesh!  This quilt is quickly burning me out on small blocks.  But it's coming together beautifully!  Hopefully tomorrow Matt can watch Arden while I do some more sewing.  While all the blocks are laid out on the floor it is not a good play room!