Friday, August 26, 2011

Quilt #8: Bear Claw quilt

This will be my 8th quilt this year!  So excited to get started on it.  I actually started two weeks ago, I made a prototype square to make sure I knew what I was doing, and I wanted to show my brother to see if he liked it.  This quilt is a (late) birthday present for my twin brother.  He chose the pattern and color scheme.  Here's the prototype block (wrinkly because it sat for two weeks before I got around to taking a photo of it):

Trimmed to 14.25" square.

The past week has been crazy, since we got a new roof, and I hardly stepped foot in my sewing room.  The roof is finally finished (hurray!!) and I've been trying to get organized for this quilt.  I started with a drawing using measurements from the prototype block:

I draw up something like this for almost every quilt.  The small grey squares will be the green and red fabric that's in the center of the prototype block.

I started coloring in some of the blocks to be able to visualize it better, and realized despite having a bunch of fabric for this quilt, I didn't have a plan for what and how I would use it.  At first I just had this stack of precut squares:

Looks good, right?

But since I have to make 20 bear claw blocks, I wanted there to be an even number of blocks per color.  So my options are 5 colors--4 blocks each, 4 colors--5 blocks each, or 10 colors--2 blocks each.  I asked my brother is he cared, and he didn't but said 10 colors would be fine.  So here are the 10 colors I have (two of them are fat 8ths, but there's enough fabric for two blocks):

The small squares on the left are for the corner stones, and center of the blocks--I like that it brings all the colors together.
And now it is time to get started making the next 19 blocks!

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