Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Quilt and bind it

A friend recently asked if I could be hired to quilt and bind a baby quilt she'd had in the making for more than a year.  She wasn't able to finish it because every time she tried to work on the quilting it would clog up her machine to the point that she had to take the machine in to be repaired.  Yikes.  So I said sure.  I have this new fancy machine that needs to be put through some more paces.

Well the problem her machine was having was that she used a high loft batting and minky backing.  I had read recently that minky backing can be tricky because it stretches and shifts a lot. So I went googling for tips, and ended up repinning the whole quilt:

I used all 100 quilting safety pins I had, pinning it every 2-3 inches.

All the pinning was worth it though, I had no shifting, stretching, bunching, or wrinkles!  And my machine had no problem getting through all the layers.  It didn't even flinch when I accidently sewed through the head of one of the safety pins!  

My friend gave me free range on what to quilt, so I chose large vines and leaves:

I think this photo really shows how lofty that batting is!

The large leaves worked great for the backing too, the monkeys didn't get distorted at all:

You can sort of see the leaves in this photo.

I forgot to take a picture after I added the satin binding, but oh well.  My friend loved it, I'm so glad :-)  

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