Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stacked Coins update & Quilting Mistakes

I've been working on this quilt whenever I can over the last several days, and have made a lot of progress.  I love that it is a small, simple quilt to put together.  Because of that, I was able to choose a more detailed quilting pattern that required more time than straight line, stippling, or loops, etc.  But I still made a lot of mistakes along the way:

Sometimes the needle and the quilting get away from me, and before I know it there's a big ugly mistake.  And of course it happened on this red square, where (to me) it is pretty glaring.  I make a lot more mistakes like this when I am mentally or physically tired, or when I'm not paying enough attention. 

Here's a good looking red piece for comparison.

This is a wrinkle (two actually, the second is in the top left corner, but out of focus).  It happened because I ripped the sashing material, rather than cut it.  I usually do this though, and it has no ill effects.  I rip the longer lengths of material because no matter what I've tried, my cutting comes out terribly crooked .  After I rip, I iron to get everything nice again.  But with this muslin, the ripping pulled/gathered the edges along the whole length, and despite my aggressive ironing, it still did weird things to the quilt top.  Once I started quilting, the quilt top start puckering, and then wrinkling.  Luckily the many wrinkles/puckers on the quilt are small, and I doubt most people will even notice them at all once it has been washed.

This happened twice on this quilt, though this time it was much worse!  As I am quilting near the edge, the backing material somehow flips under, and gets quilted in.  The only fix is to rip out all the quilting there and re-quilt it.  My only solutions are to use a spray baster near the edges, or pin the backing to the batting so it can't flip under.

I'd say I make at least one of this mistakes/accidents per quilt, though with some quilts it's all of them.  I finished all the quilting yesterday evening.  I love the way the paisleys look on this quilt, but am so glad I'm done!  They are a lot of work.

Sneak peak at the front.

Small piece of the back.

All that is left for this quilt is to trim/square it and put on the binding and label!  Then I can get back to the bear claw quilt :-)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Stacked Coins Quilt

Rather last minute I decided to make a quilt for my Grandmother's birthday present.  Her birthday is October 28th, so I had about a month...minus 8 days for a trip we're going on, and then the several days before for packing, planning, etc.  So like 3 weeks to put together a quilt.  I decided to make a lap quilt, and decided on a stacked coin quilt for the simplicity of making, plus I think my Grandma will like it.  Then I chose some fabric online:

This seemed like a good collection of fabric for a Grandma quilt.

Then, following the tutorial linked above, I cut them all in half:

The two on the right I cut wrong, oops!  Luckily I didn't need them.

Then I sewed them together, in 7 strips since I had so many "coins," and added sashing.  And now that I'm trimming the ends, I've run into a problem:

One end trimmed up perfectly.  The other end, not so much....

There's about 1/2 inch difference, which is a lot in my book.  Not sure how it happened!

So I think my options are to just cut it even, cutting about 1/2 an inch off the right side, or add the two pieces I cut wrong to the left side and see how even I can cut it.  That sounds like a lot of silly work for 1/2 inch of fabric, which includes 1/4 inch seam allowance.  I think writing this post has helped me decide what to do!

But here's something you can help me decide!  I have two sheets as possible backing options:

Left:  meandering wildflowers on white.  Right: Grey all over flowers, with a little pink and blue.

Let me know which one you like better!  If it helps at all, I'm planning all over paisley quilting.  I'm hoping to finish the quilt top today and get it basted this evening, so speak up soon!  :-)