Saturday, November 19, 2011

Landscape Quilt

I've been pretty lucky lately and have had quite a bit of time to work on this quilt (first blogged here).  I spent about an hour cutting strips of fabric for the mountains:

Browns, dark blues, dark greens, grey and some dark orange.

After sewing together 3 mountains, I laid them out to see where to add more layers:

The fabric scraps on the bottoms are to help visualize where the hills might go.

I didn't really think about how much longer each additional strip would need to be (about 2 inches, I think), so the mountains don't go down quite as far as I wanted.  But I like them a lot so far.  I sewed each mountain to the sky piece using a satin stitch (without using any stabilizer, though I've since learned about an adhesive that comes out when you wash it).  I ran out of the dark brown thread I was using and had to wait until this morning to make a trip to town to get more (so frustrating!).

All three mountains attached to the sky, ready for some hills!

I did some internet research and decided to attach the hills using raw edge applique (again, without any stabilizer or adhesive--just lots of pins).  This simple tutorial sold me on it.  I hope that the hills end up with that great fuzzy texture.  I think it will look really neat, plus what baby doesn't love good texture?

Not done quite yet, had to stop somewhere for dinner though.  BTW, this photo shows all the colors the best.

I want to add a few more small green and brown hills, and one more orange hill.

And that's where I'm at now!  Hoping to finish the quilt top tomorrow and get started on the (fun pieced) back on Monday.

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