Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Quilt #10: Landscape Baby Art Quilt

I'm not really sure what to call this quilt.  It's a landscape quilt based on this one, and is being made for my friend Jennifer's baby, due in February!  While making it, I've been alternating between thinking of it as an art quilt and as a baby quilt.  Art quilts have so much freedom, they are the way they are, there aren't any rules on how to make it, or how it should look.  And baby quilts are made to be loved and used, so they need to be sturdy and fun.

After spending last night thinking of this quilt every time I tossed and turned (many times now with a 23 week pregnant belly), I thought of this quilt, and started making sketches when I got up:

My goal is to make this quilt approximately 4' x 5', though since it's an art quilt I figure it'll end up the size that it ends up ;-)

During nap time I got a chance to go through all my fabrics and pull out colors:

Light blues and whites for the sky, dark blues, greys, browns, and greens for the mountains, and greens, oranges, and browns for the hills.

I have a very, very small collection of oranges (only one, actually, the other two shown are smalls scraps!), though thankfully the ones I do have are perfect for this quilt!  My selection of light blues is pretty small too, but I decided to just make it work anyway:

These are some of the blues and whites being laid out for the sky.  I decided to cut some paper to the size of the finished quilt, to help get some perspective on the size the pieces need to be and how many of them I will need.  It has really helped!

Sewing them together was a breeze, and this is the finished sky piece!  I haven't measured it yet, so I may need to add another row.

So far my biggest issue has been getting past the mental image/expectation of it looking exactly like the one I'm basing it on.  I just don't have the same, or similar, fabrics (or the time or energy to get them) that that one is made from.  But I think the quilt I'm making will feel more usable, and I know it will be more fun for a baby!  :-)


  1. Eeek! SO exciting! It looks so great already!

  2. Thanks, Jennifer! The whole time I've been wondering if you'll like it, and then I'm like oh well it'll have poop and pee and spit up on before too long.

  3. lol, true! I really do love it though, don't worry about that! :)