Friday, November 4, 2011

Sewing Updates

Oh dear, I did not mean for an entire month to pass before posting again!  :-/  Oh well, here I am with some updates.

October was notably busy for me, so I didn't get quite as much sewing/quilting done as I would have liked.  I did finish my grandmother's stacked coin quilt, but forgot to take completed photos!  Oh well, maybe next time I see her I can get some full quilt photos.  (Update: full quilt photos here)

I put the Bear Paw quilt on hold for most of the month.  I had a mental block on how to layout the blocks, then finally decided to just make a 4th brown block, but didn't actually get around to making it until yesterday!  So anyway, here's the current layout of the quilt, though I'm not sold on it at all:

The more I look at this layout, the more I don't like it and now I'm back at square one. 

I also worked on some other sewing projects:

Dinosaur Halloween costume!

I followed this tutorial for the tail, and this tutorial for the hoodie, and just winged it on the shoe covers.

New ironing board cover!  The old one was tearing a lot, and I hated it.  I'm not a big fan of this fabric, but it was the longest, widest piece I was willing to put on an ironing board.

The best part (to me) are these straps I added to keep the cover in place!

I followed this tutorial for making an (easy!) double sided cover.  Then I saw the straps she reused from her old cover and knew I wanted them on my new one too, so I just kinda winged it with some stuff I had on hand.  Love the straps!

I also made a third project, but it's a Christmas present for someone that reads this blog, so I'll share it another time :-)

I've moved my sewing setup around quite a few times, and finally took a photo of the most recent one:

It's not perfect, but from the sewing table I can see the door, any quilts laid on the floor, the toy area, and the computer desk.  All of which are related to making sure my toddler stays out of trouble! 

So far I like it...but that might not last long, I tend to move everything around in this room every month or so depending on my sewing needs, the lighting, and current temperatures.

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  1. You need a rolling chair. Especially now that your belly ii SO big!