Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Finished the quilt top...and now a lull

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After my last post, Josette came over and we worked on sewing all the squares together.  I decided we did need 32 border blocks, so we made the last 3 blocks.  A couple days later I changed my mind again, and decided on 30 blocks for the border.

The final set of blocks for the border, and the center blocks sewn together.

I thought the border blocks would take a while to put together, I don't know why, and so they just sat for a few days.  I visited Jessica at the hospital and got really inspired, and finished the whole quilt top within a day.

This is the final layout of the blocks, though the bottom row isn't sewn together yet.

That was a week ago.  Once I finished the top I decided on a four patch pattern for the back of the quilt, and cut out all 101 squares for it (all from "left over" fabric people had sent me--left over simply because people sent me such large pieces) in one evening.

Unfortunately two days later, and before I could do any more work on the quilt, I had to have emergency surgery to have my appendix removed (at 32 weeks pregnant), and have been recovering ever since!  At least I got the quilt top finished and in a safe place (away from the cat and dogs).  I'm anxious to get back to work on this quilt though, and hopefully can do the simple task of sewing together 4.5" blocks together soon.

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