Monday, January 9, 2012

Prayer Quilt update

Last updated here.

In the last 5 days I've gotten a fair amount done, though not nearly as much as I hoped or planned.  I've gotten two large packages of fabric, neither of which I was expecting (they were unexpected only because no one had told me they were sending so many late pieces), so my whole quilt plans had to change drastically to accommodate them.  I also developed shingles and a head cold, and my toddler hasn't napped at all, so my productivity and energy levels are extremely low.

The new layout: big blocks in the center, smaller blocks for the border.  The blocks are not in their final  layout, as the large ones still need to be trimmed and I plan to have better color distribution. 

Last night another quilting friend of Jessica's, named Josette, came to help with the block piecing.  I'm so glad to have her help this week!  I know it will go a lot faster having someone else do some of the blocks.  Between the two of us, I hope we can finish making the rest of the 32 smaller blocks for the border.  

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