Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Red Mini Quilts

Sorry I have been absent for so long!  Once I finished Jessica's quilt, I took a break from quilting to work on other sewing and craft projects before the baby arrived.  When I was about 38 weeks pregnant I made a mini quilt, but took it to a friend's house before I photographed it.  I got it back home after baby Aurelia was born (3/12/12), and put it up on the wall, but I still hadn't gotten any photographs of it.

Then we had to deal with a (swallow) bed bug infestation and everything on the walls had to come down and be treated.  So finally I took some pictures before the mini quilts were treated and stored.  My sewing machine and 12 loads from my fabric stash also had to be treated and stored away, so I'm afraid my quilting, sewing, and crafting are on hold for the next couple of weeks (or more).

The first red mini quilt I made almost exactly a year ago (during a scabies infestation!) as a break from working on my mom's fishy quilt (can be seen in this post).  I wanted something small, easy, and fun to work on.  I also wanted to work on different free motion designs and just kind of play with my new sewing machine.  Here's what I ended up with:

The center is a Sea Oat Flower from The Free Motion Quilting Project.

The second red mini quilt I decided to make as a birthing focal point, but I wanted it to match the other red mini quilt since I wanted to display them together.  I spent a couple of days thinking about designs and then a couple of days doing the quilting, and came up with this:

The dark center is 10cm across, and the quilted words say, "I am not afraid, I was born to do this" (a quote I found on another VBAC  quilt on the internet--that quilter said the quote was from Joan of Arc, though I haven't confirmed that yet) and " Just breath" (from the movie Ever After).  Both quotes repeat once.

Repeating the quotes to myself (and many other strong birthing affirmations I had found on the internet) really helped me through the 36 hours of unmedicated labor!

Here's both side by side:

Luckily my husband really likes both mini quilts, and likes having them up in our bedroom wall!