Monday, May 14, 2012

Nikki Tote Bag!

Since my last post my entire fabric stash went through the dryer (on HOT), then into air tight bags, then to my mom's house to be refolded.  All in effort to kill any swallow bugs that may have gotten into my fabric stash.  It was a nightmare I refused to become upset over, seeing as how I had a one week old baby to spend my energy on.  I now have my fabric back, but it lives downstairs until the swallow bug situation is completely resolved (I'm still finding dead or dying bugs and don't want to risk it, although the pest control guys says it's safe, I'm pretty paranoid at this point!).  Here's what my fabric storage looked like:

Two GORM selves from Ikea, with my roll of batting on top.  This photo is from December,  so by March it was actually quite the shelves stand empty.

Pulling the batting out is a two person job, but it's a great storage place for that huge roll.  Currently that whole box is doubled bag, still in a pile of bags downstairs.  

Hopefully over the next several weeks I can start reorganizing and refolding my fabric.  I can't wait for it to be on those shelves again!  Anyway, I've said all this because I really can't quilt right now because of the fabric and swallow bug situation, but wanted to sew something.  I also wanted/needed a larger diaper bag to accommodate all the toddler and baby stuff I lug around now.  I finally decided on the Nikki Tote Bag pattern.  It took me 10 days to make the bag (since I could only work on it when Aurelia was sleeping and Arden was playing nicely, or when both were sleeping), but the actually work time wasn't bag at all, and since I already had some bag making experience, it went rather smoothly.  Here's my finished bag:

All fabric came right of my stash (though it took a lot of digging through boxes to find it).  I used decor weight for the exterior, corduroy with interfacing for the handle and quilting weight with interfacing for the interior.  Buttons are antique mother of pearl from a friend. 
These buttons are treasures!  They're heavy and beautiful!

This is the inside--I used the pockets from the pattern, and then added 5 more!  Two zipper pockets, two bottle pockets and smaller pocket.

Other side.

I added a recessed zipper using this tutorial...thoughI haven't used the zipper at all yet (in 3 weeks!), so I wish I had saved the time, money and effort and just put in a magnetic closure instead. 

An action shot of what's inside!  Wipes case, change of infant clothes, point and shoot camera, changing mat, two size 4 diapers, 6+ size 0 or 1 diapers (in polka dot bag), a bib, two granola/breakfast bars, a tube of toddler sunscreen, two pacifiers, my wallet and cell phone, a toddler hat, an infant hat, a water bottle and a sippy cup.  Zippered pockets have additional mommy items and two apple sauce packets (which must stay hidden from toddler until time of use!)  I also usually have two snack cups in there too.  And once I also had a SLR camera and a small watermelon in there.  No joke!

Then my Mommy's group had a Mother's Day secret santa exchange (which got cancelled at the last minute, but I gave it anyway and called it a super early birthday present), so I made another bag, since I already had all the supplies out and wanted to get my money's worth out of the pattern.  This bag only took 3 days!

Same stats as the first purse, except those buttons are not mother of pearl.

It was for my friend that loves Hello Kitty.   I added one zipper pocket and one bottle pocket, and a magnetic snap closure.
And one small pocket.  I tired to use EVERY last scrap of that Hello Kitty fabric--I bought 1/2 a yard and just barely squeezed the interior pattern pieces onto it (you may notice that one side of the bag has upside down kitties because it was the only way to get the pieces to fit).

For my Mom's Mother's Day gift, I made her a Nikki Tote Bag, but printed the pattern at 75% so it would be a better handbag size:

I upcycled a jacket someone had given me for the exterior, bought lightweight corduroy for the handles,  and decided to buy something special for the inside.
Here it is next to my bag for comparison!  I used the original sized handle pattern so it would be longer than the one printed at 75%.

The inside, with the standard pockets and a magnetic closure.

Then I made some little card wallets (using this tutorial) as Mother's Day gifts:

That is the last of the Hello Kitty scraps!   
The insides--I winged it on the pockets.

So that's what my sewing machine and I have been working on for the past month!  I'm itching to get back to quilting soon, even though I'm not ready for a big project yet.  Once I find my batting scraps I want to make some mini quilts!


  1. I LOVE them all! Seriously, they look so great, but I think your's is my favorite! ;) Aren't vintage/antique buttons the best?

  2. I'm planning on making a Nikki Tote for my niece to use as a diaper bag, and I really like the elastic bottle pockets that you added to yours. Do you have a how-to anywhere on your blog explaining how you did them? I've looked but can't find anything.

    1. I used this tutorial as a guide, hopefully it will help you!

  3. Evidently the Etsy site no longer exists and I am dying to get this pattern - do you have any idea where they are selling it now?