Friday, July 27, 2012

Back in [the quilting] game!

Finally our house is on the market, and the craziness that is preparing a house to put on the market is over!  Life is back to normal(ish), and I have some free time again, and a lot of stress that needs dispersing.  And so I turn to quilting.  When I am trying to sleep I often think of the quilting process, as I find it so relaxing that I quickly fall asleep (usually).

But in an effort to keep the house, and quilting space, in decent shape, I decided to make a scrappy quilt (plus the scrap stash was near capacity!).  Enter this scrappy log cabin type tutorial I saw a couple of months ago.

I started with the teals since I've been dreaming of the beach and sea glass (an obsession of mine, BTW), then I had Arden pick out the next color set.  He picked dark then I did light blue. Next I'm thinking green.  

They measure 12.5" square

I started piecing these quilt blocks without any rhyme or reason or plan. I was just doing it to quilt something. But now that I have 4 finished blocks, and another two nearly complete, I'm starting to think about the quilt in whole. Like who will this quilt go to? How big should I make it (which will answer how many blocks do I need)? What colors should I use?

I love using these scraps and seeing fabric from every quilt I ever made! And I love that I am finally quilting again! The last quilt blocks I made was way back in February.  Ugh, how am I going to make all the quilt on my To Do list at this rate? One at a time.

Here's my condensed quilting space:

Decided two 6' tables was too much area to collect junk.

I don't really like this set up, but for now, while I'm just piecing blocks, its good enough. :-)

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