Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rainbow quilt progress

I ended up going with a variation of option G from my previous post.  Thanks to everyone that voted!  :-)  Matt actually came up with the layout, after spending all evening with an excel document he had created to try different layouts without having to move the actual quilt blocks around a ton.  That process led him to buy me this quilt design software for my birthday present, woo!  Looking forward to using it for future quilts.

Back to the quilt, I've been working on adding the sashing and borders, only two borders left.  No idea what to do for the back yet, hoping that digging through my fabric stash will inspire me.

Also currently working on this mini quilt:

It's upside down, still on the sewing machine.  I tried to lift the presser foot to take it out and instead got a needle in the finger...so I left it where it was.

Debating on what to do with it...think it might depend on how big it gets.  Kinda wish I had made two of them!

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