Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rainbow Quilt Progress II

After finishing the the quilt top, I dug through my fabric stash looking for fabrics that I didn't really love and coordinated with each other...and came up with these:

Actually I do love the stripy fabric, but it just coordinated too well not to use!
Then I cut them into to strips and sewed them together randomly.  Once they were sewn back together I realized it would have been more efficient to cut thicker strips so there would be fewer seam allowances.  Oh well, I like the thin little strips.

Once all the strips were together, I dug through my stash again looking for a filler fabric.  Digging through through my stash is interesting because it is in a completely different configuration than it was before our whole swallow bug ordeal in March.  All the fabric went through the dryer, was bagged, and then folded and boxed by my mom.  I've slowly been resorting and folding, and am amazed at the amount of fabric I didn't even know I had!  The bright blue above is a good example.  And the brown I picked for the filler too.  

Decided to border the strips with grey.

Well there wasn't enough brown to make it long enough, so I ended up adding a thick strip of grey to one end.  I bought an entire bolt of Kona Coal Grey with a Joann's coupon recently (to be used for the next 3 quilts I have planned), and has come in handy for many parts of the back of this quilt!

Then I cut my batting and started the basting process.  But as soon as I put the quilt top on the batting I realized that I had been using the pre-border width measurement for the back and the batting!  Ugh!  I decided the best thing to do was add another large strip of grey to the side to make it wide enough.  

I started quilting it this evening and decided to go with straight lines through the sashing and around the border, and swirls in the rainbow blocks.

Using my walking foot for the straight lines, then will switch to my free motion foot for the swirls.

As I was quilting I realized this is the first quilt in over a year and a half that I have made, start to finish, without any rhyme or reason.  I'm making it for the enjoyment of the process.  But I feel compelled to figure out what to do with it by the time I'm done.  I keep wondering who to give it to...I guess it just doesn't seem right to keep it.

Finished the rainbow hexagon mini quilt top, though I expect it will sit for a while before I do anything else with it--not sure how I want to finish it and it's low on the priority list for finishing right now.

It was supposed to be a pentagon...but a little triangle piece snuck in at the beginning and turned it into a hexagon.  Hurrumph.


  1. Thank you for posting about some of your oops moments. I am a newbie to quilting and have many oops moments, but to read many blogs one would infer that experienced quilters don't make those mistakes.
    I'd love to see both quilts pictured in their entirety.

    1. That is so true! I'm a self taught quilter of three years and make many mistakes per quilt. I probably make more mistakes now since I have two kids vying for attention. I'll be posting more photos of both quilts as I work on them!