Friday, September 7, 2012

Quilted Baby Book

My near six month old has been chewing a lot lately, and is more and more interested in all books, so I've been on the look out for soft, fabric, and chewing friendly ones for her.  Nada in the many weeks I'd looked.  So then I decided to make her one.  While trying to design one I came across this tutorial in Blog Land and used it as a starting point.  

A day or two later, while trying to entertain my babes while also trying to other things, I gave her a quilted mug-rug/coaster I keep near my sewing machine.  She loved it, and chewed on ever binded corner.  So that's where I got the idea to quilt and bind each page (rather than how it is done in the tutorial linked above).

I had a camera near by and documented what I did!  First I chose a bunch of fabrics I wanted to use (for a 6 page book I chose 12 different fabrics) and cut out 6.5" x 6.5" squares, then sewed two together.  Then I made mini-quilt sandwiches with batting scraps:

There are two of the fabric squares on the back of this.
I wanted one page to be crinkly, so I added a piece of crinkle plastic from an empty food bag.  Then I quilted it--though I did it last because I figured it would dull my needle!

This page actually got left out of the final book (the four-page thickness wouldn't fit under my sewing machine foot!).

I used some left over prairie points on the outside pages--they are sewn in the seam that joins these two blocks.

Then I trimmed all the quilted pages down to the same size (I think they ended up being 6.25" x 12"), and used some binding scraps to bind them.  Then I stacked 3 of the pages and sewed a line down the center and was done!  Here's the find book:

Next time I will use one less prairie point so they don't get sewn down into the binding.

The words say "Mama loves Aurelia"--this is the second place I quilted it into the book.  

I love this Dia de los Muertos fabric!  

This is where I first tried quilting "Mama loves Aurelia" but I should have done a practice run on a scrap piece because it ended up saying "ana loevs Aire" since the binding covered up some of it and my quilted cursive is a bit rusty!  I thought about ripping it out...but meh, it's a baby book.

So that's it!  It was a quick afternoon project I managed to finish before the end of nap time, woohoo!  Oh and here is a photo of Miss Aurelia and her new book:

She has been enjoying ever page and chewing on the corners already!

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