Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Plus Quilt, finished!

This quilt came together so quickly, I'm so happy to have it done two weeks ahead of my schedule!

I had a rough time getting the back to come together as nicely as I wanted.  I really didn't have a plan for it, except to use a road panel I had in the middle of it.  I chose a bunch of other fabrics from my stash that coordinated.  I calculated how much I would need, and cut them out.  But was short quite a bit, so I added more (I had a big bundle of fat quarters to choose from).  Still short and didn't want to use any of the remaining fabrics I had, so I ended up buying some fabric to bring the back together.

In progress, ended up taking the rainbow chunk apart and the adding strips to the top and bottom and buying some road fabric for the sides of the panel.

I was so happy to start the quilting on it!  Every plus quilt I've seen online has straight line quilting, but I really wanted some curves to help soften it.  I finally chose orange peel quilting on the seams after seeing this tutorial.

The quilting went really quickly, I finished it in less than two days, even around my kids' schedules.  It helped that my daughter was taking huge afternoon naps, so the quilt went from 3 pieces to finished in about 3 days.

I was so happy to give it to my son--he sure deserves a quilt of his own from me.  This is the 16th quilt I've made since he was born 2 3/4 years ago.  I told him if he ever needed a mommy hug and I wasn't around, to wrap the quilt around himself and it would be like I was there hugging him.  At almost 3 years old, he believed me and thinks it's a magical kind of quilt, and loves it.  <3

Fresh out of the dryer, ready for story time!

Here's the official photos of it:

It measures about 74" x 64", and I used solid grey binding.  Seeing it now makes me wish I'd spaced the orange and bright greens a little better...but oh well I don't notice or care the rest of the time.

The back.  I got the straight road fabric from Joann's.

On his bed.  It's too short to be a true twin-size quilt, but it's perfect for a toddler and crazy positions he sleeps!

Detail of the "orange peel" quilting.  It was fun watching the circles appear while I quilted it.

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