Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rainbow Hexagon Quilt

This quilt has been in the works for a while, but up until last Friday it was a little side project I worked on wherever it fit in.  After finishing my last quilt I had a lot of quilting steam/motivation so I got this one out to finish up next!  I was so excited to get two quilts done in a week (and a month and a half ahead of schedule!).  But it was not to be...

It doesn't look so bad...right?  Baby quilts aren't supposed be perfect, are they?

I already had the rainbow hexagon finished, so I added the grey pieces to start making it the size and shape I want.  I noted the wavy-ness of it, but kept going.  When I added a second strip of grey to one of the sides, the waves became so bad I took the strip off again.

Here it is smoothed out, the waves focused on seams so I could attempt to take the seams in a bit.  I marked each wave, then flipped it over.

I marked a line from the closest intersecting seam to the edge mark.

 Then pinned, sewed a new seam, ironed, trimmed and...

Ta da!  Looks better, right?  I took in three seams, then added more strips of grey until it was the right size and shape.  I did have to take in a few more seam along the way to keep it relatively smooth/flat.

Once I was ready to make a quilt sandwich I dug through all my batting scraps and found two that would fit together.  I got to try this Batting Seam Tape for the first time:

Line up batting edges, lay tape over the seam.
Press for 10 seconds.

Yay, nice big piece of batting to use!  Faster and easier (and more accurate) than sewing them together, I think.

Man, I was on a roll getting this quilt all put together and ready to quilt.  I was thinking I could maybe finish the whole quilt by the end of the weekend!  I even had a whole Saturday to work on it while my husband wrangled the kids.

Ready for pin basting.

Ready for quilting, yay let's do this!

I had decided a while ago to use rainbow thread.  I got the same brand and type I had used before (it's  Coats and Clark machine embroidery 100% Trilobial polyester--whatever that means).  But when I went to test it out on some scraps, the back came out looking awful.  

Looks great on the front!  Loving the look of rainbow thread on the grey...so excited to start on the quilt.

This is the back, and shows all the "fixes" that didn't fix anything.  The bobbin thread is the same type as the top but in a spring green color,  so everywhere you see rainbow thread is bad.

Even with every "fix" I knew it still was creating really bad "eyelashes" on the back.  So I put in the cheapo 100% cotton thread I had just used on my son's quilt.  Same problem (though not quite as bad), and still no fix worked.  I spent more than 3 hours fiddling and changing things and trying again, and then looking online for more possibilities, trying them, all to no avail!  UGH!  What a waste of time!  

So finally I put the quilt (and all the quilting stuff) away while I work on a bag and a halloween costume (everything works fine in a straight line).  When I'm done with those I'll try free motion quilting again...if it still doesn't work I'm going to take my sewing machine in for some maintenance.  I've had it a year and a half and have finished 14 quilts on it, so I think it's time!  Wonder if I could get my mom's machine to free motion quilt smoothly?  It's overdue for some maintenance too...

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