Thursday, November 29, 2012

Three Tree Quilts

The quiet month of November was due mostly to my friend Jessica's fight with cancer.  She died November 17th.  It was a very sad, frustrating, depressing, and anger filled month as she slowly lost the battle to the cancer.  I made it a priority to see her at least twice a week while she was in hospice.  It was emotionally difficult to see her in her ever more frail condition, and I'd spend the rest of the day sad, angry, and depressed.  Not very conducive to creating and quilting (at least for me).

I did however manage to finish three mini tree quilts as belated wedding gifts:

They each measure about 16" x  20"

I actually finished them weeks ago, all but the hanging sleeve on one and labels on two.  I don't remember when I finally sewed them on, but I'm glad they're finished.  All I need to do is cut dowels for hanging, find some mailing tubes, track down all three addresses, and then take them the 9 miles to the closest post office.

The backs--two have hanging corners sewn in with the binding.  The middle one I forgot to put the corners in, so I added a small hanging sleeve.  The one on the left I wrote the label on a hanging corner.

Hopefully it doesn't take me all of December to mail these out.  All they do is shift around in my sewing room as I try to finish my currently quilting/sewing projects so I can start some new ones.

This was the first one I made, to see how it would go.   I decided I liked it better with just the first initials, so that's all I put on the other two.

I got my original idea from here, and then saw several other copy cat quilts, here and here.

This one doesn't lay as flat as it should due to the slightly thicker batting.

I didn't have enough solid brown or tan (which I've since remedied) for the third one, so I used some faux bois print fabric I already had from Joann's.  W is not a fun letter to quilt.

From left to right: finished, done with the quilting, and ready to be quilted.

Well, here's to new beginnings (and getting my sewing table cleaned off)!


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    1. Thanks, Chelsea! I've been thinking they would make cute baby initial and birth date quilts...which one is your favorite? ;-)