Tuesday, December 11, 2012

King's Corner Progress

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I finished up the rest of the blocks pretty quickly, and then procastinated on laying them out on the floor due to toddler and baby that was quickly figuring out how to crawl.  Thankfully over the weekend I had two afternoons (aka naptime for the crawling one) to work on the quilt layout.

All of the brown blocks.

One block short!  This is the 15 x 14 layout I wanted.

 My husband (he's my color and layout consultant) and I decided we didn't like how the browns didn't really mesh into the greens, so I moved a bunch around to mix up the last brown circle and the first green circle.  After looking at it for so long it all started to look the same and I called it good enough.

The final layout, rows numbered in case I had to pick them all up.

Luckily I also had some time to start sewing them together.  It went so quickly and smoothly I was motivated to keep going.  This morning I finished!

It measures about 89" x 84"

Next is a large border to make it big enough for a king size bed.  I've started to think about the back, since I'm so close to needing it.  I will also need to piece the batting so it's wide enough (my roll of batting is for queen size quilts up to 90 inches wide).

What would you do for the back of quilt this big?

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