Monday, December 17, 2012

Ticker Tape Doll Quilt (and a tutorial for my method)

One of my husband's coworkers has a daughter named Parker that just turned 4 years old.  We were invited to her birthday party, but missed it due to the kids being sick.  Before I knew we wouldn't be going, I made a doll quilt for her.

Funky lighting on a snowy day.

I was inspired by this ticker tape tutorial I'd seen quite a while back.  But after making a large wall hanging ticker tape-type quilt, I've come up with my own method.  First, I pre-sort my scraps into colors (in one-gallon ziplock bags which are kept in one of my big bins), and I put the smallest scraps in a separate bag (all the colors together).  Most of those small scraps are square/rectangular, but with the funky shaped ones, I just trim them down to the right size/shape I need on the quilt:

I using pinking sheers so there is less stray threads over time.  I keep that middle piece and finally throw away those other pieces.

For this doll quilt, I made a basic quilt sandwich using muslin on the top, scrap batting and some brown and pink fabric I've been hoarding for a girl project for about 3 years.  I think it measure about 16" x 20".  

I can't remember which blog I read it on, but using a glue stick works fabulously for ticker tape quilts!  

This is the kind I use.  It goes on smooth, sticks well with fabric, and dries quickly.

I put a little smear in the middle so it doesn't gunk up my needle.  Then stick it in place.

I do a basic placement, then move things around to space out colors.

I wanted my son to help with this quilt, and he was quilt happy about it.  At first I asked him to pick out fabrics and place them on the quilt, but I don't think he quite understood what he was supposed to do (he's almost three, and I didn't prepare him very well).  Then I just had him pick out fabrics, then I trimmed and placed them.

For this quilt I glued all the pieces down, then sewed them down.  For a larger quilt I would only glue and sew down square-foot sections at a time.

The tutorial above uses a walking foot, and I've tried it, and I hate having to rotate the quilt 90 degrees at every corner of every piece!  So tedious, and a pain for larger quilts.  So I use my free motion foot so I don't have to rotate the quilt (just move it side to side and back and forth).

Once I'm done stitching them all down I trim the little threads.

Here's the back--I used brown thread in the bobbin and grey on the top.

Then I bound and washed normally.  I always check for stray threads after the first wash.  I love how washing it softens the edges of all the pieces and makes them look fuzzy!

My son loves looking for the animals and for the helicopter and airplanes.

Instead of adding a label to the back I wrote on one of the pieces on the front.

It was fun working on a little quilt, and it was fun using my tiny scraps!  This is the 4th scrap quilt this year!  I'm feeling quite proud of myself for using so many of my scraps.  I think these will be my go-to gift for little girls, they are small, fun, easy, and fast.


  1. this is so cute!! i wish i had seen this earlier so i could have made one for my friend's squishy baby's birthday this weekend! dangit!