Friday, January 18, 2013

Fabric Choices...

I spent the last week or more finishing up all the little sewing projects that tend to accumulate while I'm quilting a quilt.  Finally my sewing table is nearly cleaned off (aside from all the things that usually live on the floor but I now try to keep away from the crawling and cruising baby), so I am thinking more and more about the next quilt to start!

For Christmas I was lucky enough to get a whole bunch of Tula Pink Salt Water fabrics--the blue fat quarter bundle, some pink yardage (in the seahorses and octopus prints) and I used a gift certificate to get the pink fat quarter bundle.  I love this line of fabric!

I've decided to use the pink fat quarter bundle for a triangle quilt for my daughter.  I think that the fabrics right next to each other is a little chaotic, so I pulled out some coordinating solids from my stash.   I want there to be some solid triangles in the quilt where your eyes can rest, and also to make the quilt a little bigger.

I really like the light tan color and light pink with the bundle, and feel like the dark tan and dark pink are okay/good enough.  I'm not sure about the white or the dark brown yet.  My husband, the consultant, likes the white, but thinks the brown is too dark.  What do you think?

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  1. I agree with M, I think the dark brown is too dark and it sticks out. I think the pink 5 from the left looks a little more candy pink than some of the coral-y pink in the prints too.