Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hexagon Heartache

Once I got the last border on the triangle quilt, I decided it was time to refocus my attention on it and work on the back.  Except I had no idea what to do on the back, although I really wanted to use fabric out of my stash, since almost none of the front is from my stash!  I've had a really cute fabric bundle from Fabricworm since two Mother's Days ago (when I bought my own gifts, thanks very much).  My original plan for it never really came to fruition, so it just sat around.  

While browsing quilt backs on Pinterest, and saw several that had hexagons and just knew that's what I needed to do!  At that time the quilt front was still laying on the floor so I was able to estimate how many I would need.  Then I got cutting, using my isosceles ruler that I used for the front.

But when I laid them out...

This is not a hexagon!  What madness is this?

Seriously, I couldn't figure it out.  I blame it on my 3 year old "assistant" distracting me. ;-)  I could not figure out how to get these triangles to become a hexagon.  I would have looked at the quilt front, but it was folded up in a safe place.  So I googled it, was not happy with the results, and finally decided to just trim all 36 triangles into equilateral triangles.

Back layout is inspired by this tutorial.

I was happy to see the hexagons come together so easily, but then had to figure out how to make a half triangle template.

I found this awesome tutorial on how to make a half-triangle template with seam allowance!

And then I needed to get out the quilt top again to make sure I had enough hexagons, and suddenly I knew how to make the isosceles triangles into a hexagon!  Major D'oh moment for me:

The key here (compared to the photo at the top of this post) is that the top points of the isosceles triangles alternate up and down.  I had made the mistake of thinking they should all point towards the center!  

 Oh le sigh!  But oh well, at least the quilting won't clash as much on the back.  So here is where I am, though I have started to sew them all together:

Brown on the left and purple on the right.

 So tell me, have you ever made a triangle or triangle-hexagon quilt?  Did you ever run across any of these problems?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Lone Star Progress

Since my last post I have been able to get a fair amount done.  It has been a quiet week at home (thankfully!), so I've been able to spend some time on both quilts.

I got 3 of the borders on the triangle quilt, but ran out of burgundy fabric.  So it has been laying on the floor until I was able to get to Joann's today.  I decided to go with a 3.5" finished pink border and a 5.5" finished burgundy border.  I really like how it looks so far!  My plan is to use a light pink thread for the quilting on the burgundy border, which should help lighten it and tie it in better to the rest of the quilt.

The quilting/play room.  I've been trying to keep the lone star quilts off to the side to avoid being played with.

So now I'm back to working on the lone stars again.  I added the lavender border and cut dark grey (Kona Charcoal, my newest favorite background color!) fabric for one star, and white border and pink background for the other star.

Then I realized that the star with the pink background would look so much better with a grey border, instead of the white.  I hated to rip perfectly good stitches, but knew I wouldn't be happy with it until I changed the border.  Luckily it's only half a star and it went really quickly!

Once I started sewing on the background fabric and then sewing the diamonds together I realized that some of the first cuts and seams were off a bit...which caused a headache in lining up the seams and points.  Oh well I did what I could and don't think it'll show or matter much once it's quilted.  

This is not what I intend to do with the quilt, but love the idea for the future!

Unfortunately I don't have a lot of the pink fabric, so I had to hodge-podge as much of it as I could, and it rather limits the finished size of the quilt to a wall hanging.

Next is figuring out how I want the grey star to be oriented.

  I'm really excited about the quilting on this quilt!  I plan to have the pink star on one side and the grey one on the other side, so they are facing each other (the photo above should have the grey star facing the other way).  It's hard to explain, so I'm excited to able to show everyone.  Unfortunately I have a lot to do before I get to the quilting though!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend progress

Since my last post I managed to get a little more done, despite it being a busy and exhausting weekend!

My scrappy lone star quilt was last seen like this:

And now looks like this:

Eleven trimmed diamonds.

 I'm really looking forward to putting the stars together!  But since I'm at a good stopping point with it, I'm going to refocus on the triangle quilt.  I managed to get to the local quilt shop, and with my husband's help, picked out a nice fabric for the border:

Definitely going to do a double border!

Now to decide how wide to make the borders!  How wide would you make them?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Triangle trouble and Lovely lone star

I finally decided on a dark pinkish fabric color for the border of the triangle quilt.  I made it to Joann's the other day, knowing they probably wouldn't have exactly what I wanted.  Well, they didn't, but I decided to get a yard of Kona Burgundy anyway.

And like I expected, I am just not sold on it.  I feel like it is too dark, too much of a contrast.  But I am considering having two borders for this quilt (so it will be the size I'd like), and may use it for the second border.  I've been browsing online for other possible fabrics, but really don't want to order something (and wait for it to arrive) and then again be unhappy with it.  So I'm hoping to talk my husband into stopping by one of the local quilt shops tomorrow to browse their pink selection.

In the meantime I have a major itch to keep up my momentum on quilting.  So today I finally started on a scrappy lone star quilt, following Better of Thread's tutorial.

Getting even this far went sooo fast!

I bought a design roll (only 12 strips of fabric) of Amy Butler's Alchemy specifically for this project.  Most of the fabrics are so not my style, but the colors are lovely, and in this scrappy layout I like them well enough.   Not sure if I will make a half or whole star quilt (here are examples), or two quilts.  Or maybe a quilt with a half star on both sides!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Salt Water Triangle Quilt

A couple of weeks ago I had a good opportunity/excuse to buy another yard of beige fabric (Kona Parchment, actually) for this quilt, and knew I'd be a lot happier with it than some of the other options I had.  Looking back at that post I think that brown would have looked marvelous too--rich brown and pinks look so good together!  But that's not exactly what I wanted for this quilt.

I got cutting all the fabrics once it arrived and I was sure I'd liked the combination.  I used this triangle ruler I picked up at Joann's with a 50% off coupon.  In retrospect I wish I had gotten an equilateral ruler, but I'm still pretty excited to have a Isosceles ruler.  I think I will eventually want both though.

I first tried a random placement of all the fabrics, but it just didn't work, plus it created a lot of left over triangles and I really wanted to use them all (if possible).

These photos are a little weird because I used a lens with a shallow depth of field.

Then I rearranged them so the beige and pinks alternated.  I like that, but wanted something a little different, so I tried putting a pink hexagon together...didn't work out due to the layout, but my husband suggested a large triangle.

I cut up any scraps into half-triangles and then used them for the side border.

Today I finally have had an opportunity to start sewing them all together.  Triangles are certainly different, but still quite easy.  I finished one row so far and am always amazed at how much the seam allowance eats up.  I'm pretty sure I will be adding a border to this quilt to make it a little bigger.

Bottom row is sewn together--so much shorter!  Without an additional border it would be a good baby sized quilt, I think.  But I really want this one to be a small twin/toddler quilt.

So while I'm sewing this quilt top together I am thinking forward about a border.  What would you use for a border on this quilt?  

Monday, February 4, 2013

Small Project Review

I intended to start another quilt last month, but kept putting it off and working on other, smaller, projects.   Here are the fun sewing projects I finished in the last month (darning pants and making curtains not included here):

The front--another ticker tape doll quilt.  My son helped pick out fabric again (it was for a friend of his), and kept giving me pieces of white, saying how cool it was.  So I used one for the label.

Back after being bound and washed.

Leappad2 case for my son's 3rd birthday.  I mostly followed this tutorial, but added a zipper for the top closure.  I actually made two, but the first was too small for a leappad with a gel skin.  So I gave that one to a friend and made a second about an inch larger.

I also used two layers of batting and quilted the inside and outside.

Forgot to get a photo of the inside--it's plain grey with random zigzag quilting.

Another doll quilt, made from a quilt block I found at a thrift store.  I added the borders.  It was a fun little quilt to make!

The back turned out cool too!

The purple border quilting was inspired by a Sew Kind of Wonderful pinterest find.  Clearly I need to practice it some more!

An pinafore for my 10.5 month old.  I followed this tutorial, it was a really fast and easy project.  And so cute!

I love the cross-over back.

Double sided.

I love that she will be able to wear it as a top in another year or so--a big selling point for actually using some of my  favorite fabrics!

So, I've been keeping busy, and having fun.  It's nice to be able to check off these little projects.  I still plan to start another quilt (or two) soon, but am waiting for two different fabric orders.  I wish they would come today!