Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Salt Water Triangle Quilt

A couple of weeks ago I had a good opportunity/excuse to buy another yard of beige fabric (Kona Parchment, actually) for this quilt, and knew I'd be a lot happier with it than some of the other options I had.  Looking back at that post I think that brown would have looked marvelous too--rich brown and pinks look so good together!  But that's not exactly what I wanted for this quilt.

I got cutting all the fabrics once it arrived and I was sure I'd liked the combination.  I used this triangle ruler I picked up at Joann's with a 50% off coupon.  In retrospect I wish I had gotten an equilateral ruler, but I'm still pretty excited to have a Isosceles ruler.  I think I will eventually want both though.

I first tried a random placement of all the fabrics, but it just didn't work, plus it created a lot of left over triangles and I really wanted to use them all (if possible).

These photos are a little weird because I used a lens with a shallow depth of field.

Then I rearranged them so the beige and pinks alternated.  I like that, but wanted something a little different, so I tried putting a pink hexagon together...didn't work out due to the layout, but my husband suggested a large triangle.

I cut up any scraps into half-triangles and then used them for the side border.

Today I finally have had an opportunity to start sewing them all together.  Triangles are certainly different, but still quite easy.  I finished one row so far and am always amazed at how much the seam allowance eats up.  I'm pretty sure I will be adding a border to this quilt to make it a little bigger.

Bottom row is sewn together--so much shorter!  Without an additional border it would be a good baby sized quilt, I think.  But I really want this one to be a small twin/toddler quilt.

So while I'm sewing this quilt top together I am thinking forward about a border.  What would you use for a border on this quilt?  


  1. Wonderful use of colour. I love the use of beige and orange/pink.

  2. I love the colors with the parchment, the quilt would look great with no border.