Saturday, February 16, 2013

Triangle trouble and Lovely lone star

I finally decided on a dark pinkish fabric color for the border of the triangle quilt.  I made it to Joann's the other day, knowing they probably wouldn't have exactly what I wanted.  Well, they didn't, but I decided to get a yard of Kona Burgundy anyway.

And like I expected, I am just not sold on it.  I feel like it is too dark, too much of a contrast.  But I am considering having two borders for this quilt (so it will be the size I'd like), and may use it for the second border.  I've been browsing online for other possible fabrics, but really don't want to order something (and wait for it to arrive) and then again be unhappy with it.  So I'm hoping to talk my husband into stopping by one of the local quilt shops tomorrow to browse their pink selection.

In the meantime I have a major itch to keep up my momentum on quilting.  So today I finally started on a scrappy lone star quilt, following Better of Thread's tutorial.

Getting even this far went sooo fast!

I bought a design roll (only 12 strips of fabric) of Amy Butler's Alchemy specifically for this project.  Most of the fabrics are so not my style, but the colors are lovely, and in this scrappy layout I like them well enough.   Not sure if I will make a half or whole star quilt (here are examples), or two quilts.  Or maybe a quilt with a half star on both sides!

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  1. LOVE the star! It's gorgeous! Also thank you for the valentine! We got it last night, so precious. :)