Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Airplane #2

This block took about the same amount of time as the first, mostly due to ripping out more than a few seams to redo, and remaking one section.  You can read about my first airplane (and where I got the pattern) here.

This one is about 24"x 14".

The paper piecing mostly went better, I tried to be very aware of the seam allowances, yet still had issues and had to redo a couple.

I had a lot more trouble with the curve piecing for the nose of the airplane this time:

I decided the left one was worth re-making.

First one on the right, new one on the left.

Despite some of the issues I had while making these blocks, they were worth it!  Aren't they cute?  I'm even thinking of adding some (very simple) embellishments...but we'll see.  I'm anxious to get the back finished so I can baste the quilt already!  Here are the two side by side to see the size difference:

The makings of a fleet here! 

Hoping for another productive day tomorrow!


  1. Wow! They are great! You have a lot of patience.

  2. I find curved piecing somewhat difficult too. I do love the airplanes! Is this going to be part of a quilt or a smaller item?

  3. Hi Renee! Your airplanes are beautiful! Do you make pillow or a quilt for your kids? x Teje

  4. You have to embellish with some red beads or sequins for the little lights! You planes are adorable even with all the fiddily piecing.

  5. Awesome redo! Curved piecing can be so tricky! Your second one is so much smoother!

    I haven't seen the airplane block this way and it's super cute! Great job!

  6. Great blocks. And way to master that tight curve!

  7. Oh those pesky curves!! They are so beautiful when they are done though. I'm almost always drawn to projects that have curves in them. The plane is a very cute idea. Will check back in to see where you're going with it!

  8. Great airplanes! Do you use them in a quilt?

  9. They look great! I'd love to learn how to paper piece.

    Amanda Rose

  10. these are so cool - perfect for friends of mine that fly planes when they start having babies :) i'm envious of your paper piecing skills!