Monday, April 8, 2013

Airplane Prototype

Today I worked on a practice airplane block for the back of the squarepants quilt, I blogged about the finished quilt top here.

Today I dove into the airplane block for the back.  I came across this awesome block/tutorial a while ago and have been saving it for my brother's quilt.  Part of it is paper pieced and fairly simple.  But I've only made one other block using paper piecing and was not thrilled with the process or the results.

So for the prototype of this airplane block I used only scraps from the quilt top, hoping it would come out nice enough to be a pillow.


When I printed the templates, I just right clicked to print them, and it turns out they printed too small.  For the second airplane I downloaded the templates and printed them from picasa.  The templates should just about fill an 8.5x11 paper, FYI.

There are a few places where the seam allowance is less than 1/8", and one spot where the seam opened when I took the paper backing off.  :-/  I put a little piece of interfacing on the back to keep it together for now and will get some of that no-fray glue soon.  Still pretty shoddy though!

Trimmed to 11 1/4" x 19 1/4"

Hopefully the next airplane comes together better!  I don't have enough of the background fabric to make a third! :-/  I'm hoping to get the quilt back finished pretty quickly and the quilt basted by the weekend though!


  1. That is so fun! Hope "third times a charm!"

  2. Great airplane and hope you get the kinks worked out.

  3. This is such a fun block! your quilt is going to be amazing. I love the pattern on the quilt top!