Monday, April 29, 2013

Giveaway winner and the favorite quilt

**Edit: sorry for the weird formatting and mix ups today!  I've been having some issues with blogger or formatting, or maybe just the constant distractions by children.**

I drew a winner for the giveaway last night--Michelle won! Yay! Her favorite quilts are my postage stamp and cesarean quilts. You can see all of them on my pinterest.

I thought it would be fun to tally all the votes for the various quilts, here are the results:

landscape 5
rainbow 6
postage stamp 1
cesarean  2
airplane 1
trees 3
rainbow hex 2
king's corner 2
squarepants 4
triangle 2
wedding 6
stacked coins 1
bear claw 1
log cabin 2
aspens 1

It was interesting to hear such a diverse list of favorites!  The wedding quilt is SO simple, but visually striking.  and the rainbow one was just a scrap buster!

These are my favorites (though I really do love quite of a few others!):
Cesarean (one of these days I will revisit this quilt and talk about the process and words I quilted onto it.

 I would love to write more, but I have a very cranky, teething (?) baby yelling at me!


  1. Congratulations Michelle! I might have changed my mind - squarepants might be my favorite. It's just so hard! Good luck with the baby and the teeth!

  2. Congrats to Michelle. I've just checked out your pinterest and you've made some stunning quilts. I think the Caesarean and postage stamps are my faves but so hard to choose :)