Thursday, April 18, 2013

More Quilting Progress

After some more doodling on the quilt print outs, I settled on some organic swirls in the blue blocks:

For some reason my swirls/spirals almost always go counter-clockwise.  Even when doodling, even on almost every quilt I've made!  Maybe it's like left or right handed--built in, ya know?

From the back.

There are 12 of the blue blocks and 14 half blocks around the border.  The swirls are a lot faster than feathers to quilt, which I was happy about!  I love that all the quilting has an air and water movement to it.

What I finally chose for the center of the aqua blocks.  It reminds me of a compass.

I had read in more than one place that Aurifil is nearly lint-free...but I did not find that to be the very true.

I had to remove lint from the needle shaft area 3-4 times during this spool (nearly all 1422 yards of it).  It seemed like a lot of lint!  Overall I did like the Aurifil thread though: it quilted smoothly, I had ZERO tension issues, and it didn't break or have any problems in the thick seam areas or places I quilted over repeatedly!  The cone I bought is from Follow That Thread, it had the best price and shipping cost out of the many other websites I checked.  And the selection of colors is awesome.

I only have 3.9 of the center squares to quilt, but ran out of thread!  Now I must wait for my cone'o'thread to arrive...


  1. Perfect! Very nice - I knew it would come to you. :)

  2. I love the swirls! Feathers are lovely, but sometimes I want a design that is not so dense and this looks like it would be perfect for that!

  3. Oh, I know! I get the same thing going with me and swirls/spirals - they want to go only one direction. :) Love what you're doing here.

  4. My swirls and spirals go in any direction, even if I would like it just clockwise :(

  5. No thread is lent free. I have never tried Aurilfil, but Isacord thread does not lint up nearly that much! It doesn't matter which direction you swirl. Do what feels right!!

  6. Your quilting is really beautiful. I hope your new thread comes soon so you can finish it :)

  7. Hello Renee,

    Wonderful quilting. The spirals are easier going clockwise because that is the same as the flow for handwriting. That sounds as though I know what I'm talking about - well, I can write, but FMQ spirals are all in the future for me...

    Most of the fluff has probably come from the wadding rather than the thread.

    Love from England,