Tuesday, April 16, 2013

SquarePants Feather Quilting

The feather quilting is going smoothly, minus one broken needle and the thread breaking for no reason once. I only have 7 more of these to go for Phase 1 of quilting!

I like how the quilting kind of disappears on the prints, but adds a lot of character to the navy.

View from the back.

Still not sure what to quilt in the other areas of the quilt (you can see my doodles on yesterday's post).  I am continually amazed at how much thread quilting requires!  I ordered a cone of this Aurifil grey thread...hope it gets here before I run out of the large spool I got yesterday!


  1. That looks great - You made an awesome choice of pattern!

  2. Wow! Your feathers are beautiful! Great job.

  3. I'm jealous. I have so far to go before I can quilt like that! It's beautiful!

  4. Your feather quilting is looking great. I've not tried feathers yet.