Monday, May 6, 2013

On my sewing table(s) right now...

Sorry it has been a quiet week around here!  My one year old daughter had a fever for three days, which basically meant I didn't leave her room, or the chair in her room, except to feed my son.

I've had quite an influx of fabric lately.  Most of it was given to me, but I have been rather generous with my fabric purchases too.  I finally sorted it out and managed to get it into my three quilting-fabric bins (and a box to pass on):

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You can see the shelves I store them on here.  But after thinking about it over night, I realized I would be a lot happier with them in four bins (seperating out my suddenly large collection of solids).  So I put all my jersey and terry cloth fabric together, and got these lovelys:

The grey and everything left of it is Kona, the rest is various other random solids (or near solids).  The big piece of  light blue is Cornflower--I have big plans for that!

Browns, greens, blues and purples, and panels.

Pinks, reds, oranges, yellows, whites and blacks.

My highest quality/expensive/favorite fabrics and orphan quilt blocks.  The stuff on the far right are for future little girl clothes, the greys in the middle are part of my collection for a future quilt, and there are a few organics.

Sorting through my fabric made me realize...I have a lot, ha!  But really I just need to use it.  Shopping for and buying fabric is so much fun, but I really need to focus on what I already have.

The TARDIS quilt hasn't progressed at all, though I have been thinking/brainstorming about it a lot, so now I just need to find some time to work on it!

Some of the fabrics to be used on the TARDIS quilt.

I finally got my order from ZipIt and have been making more little zipper bags.  The YKK zippers are so much nicer than the C&C ones from Joann's!  And cheaper!  Most of the bags are for Mother's Day gifts or pay-it-forward gifts, so I don't want to post photos of them yet.  But here are a couple I can share:

My 3 year old son asked me to make him one, so I let him pick the fabric and assist whenever possible.  The outside is some scraps I helped him piece together last year, and the inside is chile pepper fabric he picked out.  He loves it, and keeps it stuffed to the gills with random toys.  I used the Noodlehead open wide zipper pouch pattern.

I used a salvaged zipper from a baby carrier and just kinda winged it on the shape.  It turned out cute!

All of last week I anxiously waited for the new Noodlehead Super Tote pattern to come out.  Last year I made a bunch of Nikki Totes, but over the summer my son was potty trained and I didn't need to carry around such a big bag (for two in diapers).  I started using a smaller one, but it's too small, so I've been keeping my eye out for one that is juuust right!  I'm hoping this one is a good medium sized one.  I'll have a better idea of how it compares to the ones I have once I cut out the fabric:

All from my stash!  I did splurge for the piping though. 

I also have a pair of baby shoes I need to resize for my daughter--her feet are so small for her age! And the lone star quilt is just sitting on my ironing board, still waiting to be spray basted (finding a time to do it without kids around is hard!).  All these little projects on my sewing table really bug me, I just wish I had a few hours to work on them without interruption!  I much prefer only having one or two works in progress, how about you?


  1. Oh how I love to buy fabric. Sort fabric. Touch fabric. Just generally be around fabric! I'm not nearly as neat as you! So great your son is helping, I bet he gets a real kick out of that too!

  2. You are so organized! I wish I could do that. I suppose I could, I just have to get to it. I love buying fabric too, and quilt magazines, and books and, and, and. I've got to stop collecting and start working on all this stuff!

  3. I used to be so disciplined, with only one or two projects on the go, but lately that has changed. I don't even know how many I have in various stages now. I'm loving it - whether I want to work by hand or machine, FMQ or piece, or just cut up scraps into useable sizes, I have a project I can work on. I don't finish anything very quickly, but that's okay!

  4. The half-moon zip bag is cute! Nice stash of fabrics :)

  5. Love the half moon zip! I'm thinking it's about time for me to sort my stash as well... i just can't seem to find anything when i need it! I always have a lot of projects on the go, i get bored easily so having a bunch on the go lets me jump from one to another. And as for finding time to work uninterrupted... so hard! I'm lucky though in that my MIL takes the boys usually every Wednesday so i can work hard, or just sit on the couch and read while eating snacks that i don't have to share ;)

  6. I prefer only a couple of projects at a time. I generally only purchase fabric for a specific project... But lately my addiction to online fabric stores, and the ease of clicking a button to purchase fabric has gotten me into a heap of fabric. I generally don't buy fabric without a project in mind, so when I find fabric I love, I fabricate :) a project. That has now lead to more WIPs than I prefer! I am determined to finish up a couple before I begin any new ones...

  7. Well, you know I like way too many works in progress, but I totally get having fabric and just needing to use it. But, that means designers also have to freeze their new lines for a while :) Loving your solids, hehe! I hope your daughter feels better soon!

  8. I can't wait to hear more about the super tote! I was thinking of buying the pattern for exactly that purpose, so I'm interested to hear how it works out for you. Hope your daughter is feeling all better by now!

  9. I agree. Too many WIP's gets overwhelming for me. Recently, I have started making myself finish one quilt before even cutting fabric for another. It has sped up my process, and keeps me motivated to get to my next project. The one thing I do allow myself to do continuously (much to the dismay of my husband) is purchase fabric. :)

    -Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation