Thursday, June 6, 2013

Double Sided Quilt Hanging Sleeve Tutorial

I had a few people ask me how I made the hanging sleeve for my double sided lone star quilt, so I decided to type up a tutorial using some of the left overs.  Sorry in advance that the fabric is black!

First, cut your fabric to about the width of your quilt by 5 1/2"-- if you will only be using a dowel or small rod to hang your quilt, only make it 3" wide.

This mini quilt (or practice quilt sandwich) is about 10 inches wide.

Then iron the ends down 1/4 inch, then again a 1/4 inch (leaving the long edges raw--they will get sewn under the binding), then top stitch as close to the inner edge as you can--this gives the ends of the hanging sleeve a finished end that a hanging rod won't catch on.

Top stitch it close to the edge!

Then fold the sleeve in half lengthwise and iron on the crease.  It is best if you now find the half way mark on your hanging sleeve and on your quilt, and match them up.  Pin it in place, then look at it--make sure it looks centered.   I just eye balled it with this little quilt.

When you pin, make sure the ends of the sleeve match up so you don't have this when you're finished:

Woops!  Didn't even think of making sure those edges matched up.

Then baste in place about 1/8 inch from the edge.

Then attach your binding to the same side of the quilt that the sleeve is sewn onto.   If you make narrow binding, it's a good idea to press it out from the quilt now:

Also press the hanging sleeve so it sticks UP now.

I highly recommend hand sewing the binding onto the other side (as I did with the star quilt) for double sided quilts, but for this one I used the machine, and was very slow and careful.  And I made sure the hanging sleeve was UP when I sewed the binding on so as to avoid to sewing it down.

Now go hang it up.

This is not my standard hanging method--I wanted it to be temporary, easy to remove, and free--I had the command hooks and rod on hand from another quilt that is in storage.

My sewing space, minus fabric storage, which still looks like this one the other side of the room.

In retrospect maybe I should have made this hanging sleeve the smaller size...oh well, I already had the fabric laying out.

Flip it over!

You're done!  Yay.


  1. This is perfect! Thank you! Pinning for future use :)

  2. Super cool trick! I'm certain I will need this one day for sure. You've got such a neat space, I think you might fall over and die at the mess in mine! :)

  3. It seems so obvious once you see it! I never would have thought though. Thanks.

  4. Very helpful post, Renee! I loved this tutorial and it will come in handy when I get around to my own wall hanging. Also, how I have missed the pictures of your sewing space, I don't know. I'm hoping you haven't shared them before. Basically, I'm moving in! That space is awesome and I love how many tables you have! I hope my next house has a room like this! Wouldn't it be nice if we were neighbors?!

  5. Awesome tutorial Renee! Genius idea, now i want to make a two sided wall hanging!

  6. I found you from Wasn't Quilt in a Day. Your quilting is fabulous!

  7. I also found you from wasnt quilt in a day. Your quilting is awesome! You are truly talented. I hope I can quilt like that some day!