Sunday, July 21, 2013

New Sewing Room!

We are finally settling into the new house, and already feel like it is so much better suited to our family!  We down sized about 1000 square feet, so I am seriously loving that I still get to have a sewing room too.  I feel so blessed knowing that having a good place for my sewing was a priority in our house hunting.

The house was built in 1978--which means that there is at least one wood-paneled room.  Luckily our new house has had a lot of up dates already, but the wood room remains, and will be my sewing room, once it's painted:

Currently used mostly as a dance party room.

This photo shows my two favorite features right now: doorway on the left goes into the kitchen (at the last house I had to walk through EVERY hallway in the house and down the stairs to get to the kitchen from my sewing room--it sucked) and the wet bar!  Wet bar in a sewing room!  Currently home of the keurig too--so I have a coffee wet bar in my sewing room.   Awesome, right?!

The window looks into a finished sunroom, and there is one sky light.  Otherwise it is pretty dark, so we are planning on adding a solar tube over the fireplace and using light grey paint on the walls.  We will start painting this week, and I maybe finish this week too!  Ambitious with the kids "helping" and so many boxes left to unpack, but I'm hopeful.  

You know you've been away from quilting too long when you have weird dreams about it--last night I dreamt about finding a bunch of tiny frogs in my childhood livingroom--but they had Tula Pink fabric prints on their backs and were very pretty.  I tried to collect them in a container, but they got smaller and smaller and turned brown.  

We will have internet at the house later this week, I'm looking forward to catching up on my blog lists and sharing more photos of my sewing room progress!


  1. Lol @ the dream :) I've had similar ones too! Love your space and looking forward to seeing it evolve :D

  2. Congrats on the move. Be sure to leave lots of dancing room.... I like seeing dancing while I have my coffee! Ha, ha!

  3. haha @ the dreams! Glad to see you and glad you've got such a great space. Congrats!

  4. Funny dream! Awesome space! It looks quite roomy in there!

  5. Yay!! Glad you're settling in and can't wait to see more pics when your awesome sewing/dance party/bar room is finished!!

  6. Amazing space, so big! Looking forward to seeing the makeover ;-)

  7. Glad you got moved in! So excited to see the final project!