Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sewing room update

Progress on my sewing room has been slow during the week since painting while the kids is awake is completely out of the question.  I get about an hour to work on it during quiet/nap time and then a little time after they're in bed.  I finished the first coat of primer (Kilz Premium, which is a latex, low VOC primer recommended for wood paneling) a couple of nights ago:

This is the darkest corner of the room--even in the middle of the day I needed a spot light to see what I was doing.

Both the door and window go into the sunroom.

My little supervisor/motivator.

It was already SO much brighter!  But by morning we were pretty sure a second coat was needed to keep the staining/bleed-through at bay.  I worked on it all yesterday afternoon (about 4 hours) and finished the second coat!  I am so excited to start putting color in the walls,  but first I am going to paint the trim.

Sooo much nicer!  Feels likes a whole new room already.

Starting to feel like my sewing room!  Eeee!

The last two photos were taken at night, with only one light on!  The first two photos were taken during the day, with two lights on (all with my camera phone).  Today we've been working on putting in a new ceiling fan, which turns out to need new brackets (which means going to Home Depot for the 6th time in a week and a half, sheesh!) and painting the trim.

So, like most things with kids, it is taking a lot longer than I wanted/hoped.  But so far the results are encouraging!  I can't wait to move all my sewing stuff in!


  1. Hurray!!
    It looks so much better (and brighter) already!

  2. Wow! What a difference! Well worth all the trips to Home Depot.

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  4. What a difference! Can't wait to see what wall color(s) you choose!

  5. Wow it will look so much brighter! So much work but it will be worth it!