Friday, August 23, 2013

Forest Feathers

After my last post, I got out the scraps and sewed them together in no particular order--just trying to get a good mix of the fabrics so I could try out different thread colors.  I really wanted to use Aurifil #4648 (variegated orange-purple-yellow-white), but wasn't sure it was the right colors for the quilt:

 The orange and purple just didn't look good with the green and browns, and it wasn't the type of quilting I wanted.  So I got out the darker green (#2887) and did a test feather.  I immediately liked it a lot better, so glad I tested them out first!

That thread color is SO pretty in person.  It's like a royal olive green color.

So now I have this weird little mini quilt...more of a table runner, not sure what to do with it.

I'll finish the quilting after I'm done with the quilt.

I've been busy quilting feathers up and down the rows--I've finished 6 rows, there are about 4 left.

Love this brown with the feathers!

This is an IKEA fabric, and I really don't like how it quilts.  The quilting just doesn't look as crisp as the other quilting fabrics on the quilt.

This quilt has been good practice for my feathers (again)--I hate rotating the quilt all of the time, so I make them going up, down, and sideways when I have to.  My machine doesn't like making sideways things very much though.

How do you prefer to quilt feathers?  I generally prefer when the quilt is coming towards me, they are neater and better formed than when I am pushing the quilt away from me--I hope that makes sense to you quilters!

Hoping to finish this quilt over the weekend and get it in the mail on Monday!


  1. Your feathers are gorgeous! That stinks about the IKEA fabric though =/ I know exactly what you mean. I hesitate to use anything but regular quilting cotton anymore because I find it doesn't hold up as well. Ironically, I used some other fabrics in the quilt I'm making for Arizona, too, and I've been iffy about the aftermath.

  2. Your feathers are always so pretty! And good call with the switch to the green thread, it looks perfect!

  3. Nice job beautiful fabrics and feathers ikea fabrics are decorator fabrics so are heavier than quilt fabric

  4. Your feathers look great! Hopefully my next step in learning FMQ is how to move the quilt effectively.

    Love the color of the green thread. Though it is scrap fabric, I think its a great color combination

  5. Your feathers are incredible! I definitely agree that I prefer to pull the quilt rather than push it!

  6. Love the feathers! I've used Ikea duvet covers for backing fabric before now, and agree they don't quilt well - haven't tried their yardage though.

  7. Lovely colour combination, and the feathers fill the space really well.