Monday, August 19, 2013

Zip Pouches

I was sure I had posted about these little bags back in June, but I guess it was forgotten in all the moving fray!  I made a bunch of zip pouches as mother's day and birthday gifts to people, and wanted to wait until I had given them all out before sharing!  It wasn't until I was going through my blog post lists looking for it to share over at 627 Handiwork's giveaway that I realized I had never even written it!  Well, here it is!

These are from the Noodlehead Gathered Clutch Tutorial:

I was given a bunch of hand-me-down fabric this year, so as a thank you I used some of it to make the purple and owl ones, and gave them to the ladies that had given me the fabric.  The pink one was a pay-it-forward gift for my sister, and I used some fat quarters I had been hoarding for a while.

The tutorial is super easy to follow, and the results are so cute!  I put little card pockets and a separator in each of them.

These are all based off Noodhead's Open Wide pouch:

A large quilted one for my mama.

It was a fun pattern to just follow and quilt.

The inside, I loved this pretty fabric!

I made this one for my mother in law, my husband picked out the fabrics for her.

I think it was a medium sized bag.

I got that chevron fabric in a scrap pack from Hawthorne Threads, and was limited in the size of the bag because it was a narrow piece--I think it was the small size.  Still perfect for holding little goodies in though!

I bought the inside fabric especially for special little gifts.  So far this is the only project I've used it for.

I made so many bags this spring that I used up my whole zipper stash, and then bought a 12 pack from Zipit on Etsy--turns out those zippers (YKK) are much nicer, smoother zippers than the ones I had from Joann's (C&C)!  And they're cheaper from Zipit, even if I use a coupon at Joann's!


  1. Love them! I just recently made an open wide zip pouch and i love it! So easy to make = perfect for gifts. I've been wanting to try the gathered clutch, yours look so great!

  2. Beautiful bags with lovely fabrics! I love them and want to make some myself soon.
    I just posted a tutorial to free motion quilt gingko leaves on my blog.

  3. These are so cute! Thank you for linking the tutorial, too!

  4. I love those gathered clutches, must add it to my bucket list! :-)

  5. So inspiring ! I love the inside fabric with the words in the last picture. Where can i get that fabric? Thanks