Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A little vacation sewing!

This week my family is on vacation in Oceanside, CA!  Which of course means no sewing, not even a little while we are here.  The drive to here and back, on the other hand, I am able to do some hand sewing.  I decided to try out making hexagons for the first time, following the simple instructions in Quick & Easy Hexie Quilts.  You start with a circle and then pull in the edges to form a hexagon!  It is fast and simple.

Some of the goodies I won in a giveaway from Pat Sloan!

I started with those little circle up there, they were so fast!  So I sewed them together:

So not my colors!  I think it will be a part of a giveaway in the near future.

It's a 14 hour drive with the kids and our many stops.  But the stops are like little islands of fun in a sea of cranky driving.  I usually drive in the areas that I'm familiar with, and then navigate in the places we're not familiar with (I grew up in the Boy Scouts, so I have a good feel for directions and like maps and memorize things like that easily, husband...not so much).  And only once have we gotten lost and accidentally gone to Mexico!

So in the quiet in between times, when the kids are magically occupied and happy and quiet, I decided to make some little hexies, for the first time ever!  Luckily I also had packed a couple of pieces of fabric with circle already drawn on them, so I cut them out and made more hexies:

Not sure what I will make with these yet.

And now I am out of fabric!  I was hoping this meant I could sneak in a trip to a local quilt shop (right?!), but no.  But we did hit up IKEA today, so I grabbed a yard of fabric just to make hexies with!  It's a large-ish print...so maybe I should make BIG hexies?


  1. Your hexies are gorgeous! Hope you have a great vacation :)

  2. Loooooove! Have a wonderful rest of vacation! Ikea is dangerous ;)

  3. Nice win. What fun little hexies those are. Have fun!

  4. Love your hexies! Hope you have a great vacation too.

  5. Renee, Carlsbad is my hometown! I love it there. I still have family in Oceanside, Carlsbad and Vista. I haven't found a great quilt shop in the area, though.
    Your hexies are pretty. I like the purple fabric. Interesting technique, I haven't seen that one yet!

  6. Glad you are enjoying your hexie adventure! Hand work is always very relaxing. Hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  7. These are so fun! I'm been neglecting the hexies I'm working on right now. Too many other things taking up my time.

  8. Your hexies are wonderful! I have neve seen then made with a circle before. I like how they look so neat on the backside. Wishing you a great vacation!

  9. I LOVE the green and blue....sooooooooooooo my colors!