Thursday, September 26, 2013

I've got the blues...

After my last post, I went through my green fabrics, thinking I had something I could use.  But apparently I used the last of my medium-dark greens on the forest quilt.  I use a lot of greens I guess.  Well anyway, no blue fabric + no green fabric = trip to fabric store.  I went with Andrea, the person I'm making this quilt for, so she could help choose what to get, and I came home with this:

I had one decent green and blue to add, plus one I forgot to put in this pile.

Then I ironed the blues and cut them into strips around 2.5" wide.

And then sewed them all together (this is starting to sound rather familiar, isn't it?  I'm afraid my blog may be 70% blue fabrics for a while!):

I ended up with five blocks(?) of 8-12 strips by dinner time (hurray for long naps for the smallest!):

And spent a fair amount of time pressing them all flat after the kids were in bed:

Looking good, huh?!  Needs more wonky stars...

The blocks I cut out earlier this week I sprayed with a DIY spray starch made from water and vodka (I think it is a 4-1 mixture, with some lemon essential oil mixed in--makes me think about martinis while I iron, haha), the new strips I went ahead and sprayed before cutting.

I'm pretty sure this isn't going to be enough for the 32 blue blocks I still need.  With all the weird angle cuts I have to make I haven't even tried to estimate how much fabric I will need.  Ah well, at least the fabric store is only a mile or two away now...


  1. It will be a fun quilt with those stars and blue colors. I love the fabrics. I will come back to see the quilt finished!

  2. That is a whole lotta strips! But they sure do look fabulous:) Coming along nicely.

  3. Love the blues. Can't wait to see how you are going to add the greens.

  4. Thanks for sharing. Looks great! Say, how do you like the DIY spray starch?

  5. Looks like the night sky - just add a few more stars. :)

  6. Looking good Renee!
    And yay for long naps!! Don't you just love those days :)