Thursday, September 5, 2013

Seeing Stars

After the whole rethinking of this newly renamed Starry Night quilt, I decided starting with the stars would be good.  Wonky stars are always fun!  Actually, I had forgotten how much fun they are.

I am on a roll now!  I need 10 or 11 stars, and then I'll add borders to them to make the blocks the right size.

That middle yellow is a left over from my lone star quilt--it is perfect for stars!

I love using scraps and reminiscing about all the quilts I've made with the fabrics.   But when I pulled out that lower left, two-fabric square...I had no memory of using/making it.  Hmm.

So, do you wonky-star?  I'm pretty sure a whole quilt of scrappy wonky stars is in my future!

Hanging out with the only full block I've made so far.


  1. It's going to be amazing! I love wonky stars, too! :)

  2. I would like to know how you do those stars! They look really cool!

    1. Thanks! This is a basic tutorial for them: I don't cut squares/triangles for the star points, I just grab a scrap, play around with placement, and sew!

  3. Very pretty wip! I love the contrast of the stars against the dark blue background!

  4. I love me a wonky star. Yours look great! I made a giant wonky star ispy quilt a few months back. So much fun!

  5. Neat! Should come together and be something really special.

  6. Love these! I'm a sucker for wonky stars too, i've yet to make a whole quilt of them but it's on my list as well!

  7. Oh how I love a wonky star and these are no cute, can't wait to see how things progress :)