Monday, September 9, 2013

Two by two, strips of blue...*

My husband worked a bunch over the weekend, so I had some unexpected time to work on the Starry Night quilt.  I spent Saturday afternoon ironing fabrics and cutting strips, mostly at 2.5", though quite a few are smaller and some are 3" to mix it up some.

The pink tags mark how long they are.

Then I sort of randomly sewed them together.  I wanted a good distribution of the fabrics and shades.  I did sew them together in pairs, and then together until I felt like the panel was large enough.

And then I did a lot of ironing, of course.  And then this:

The good news is a friend on FB said this reminded her of Van Gogh!

Next I will cut 11.5 x11 blocks out of them at weird angles...which means that all that work will only make about 10 blocks, and I need about 30.  And I'm out of decent navy blues.  Y'all know what that means!  ...(fabric shopping, of course)....

*Bonus Browncoat points if you get the title reference.


  1. I ALWAYS love an excuse to go shopping and navy's are some of my favorites to buy!!!

  2. Progress is looking fab Renee! And yay!! shopping!

  3. Yummiest and love your board.Happy sewing!

  4. Looking good. That's too bad about needing to go shopping and all...:)

  5. Lovley! It should be a great piece when it is all finished up. :)

  6. Replies
    1. Yay Emily! It's actually from one of the Firefly episodes, but I'll still give you credit ;-)