Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday

Yesterday I finally got around to cutting up my strips of blue for the Starry Night Quilt.  I procrastinated on it for a while because I ran out of blue and realized I needed a LOT more for the sky portion.  So instead of just starting with block #1 and then continuing numerically until I ran out, I kind of randomized which blocks I cut out so they would (hopefully) blend better with the new fabrics I get.

Blocks 1, 11, 33 and 44.

Blocks 7, 8, 15 and 16--which will actually be next to each other like this (some are upside down while I try different configurations), and will have a large crescent moon appliqued on them.

Blocks 4, 22, 29 and ...um...17, I think (one of them is mismarked! :-/  )

I'm glad those blocks are coming together finally!  I need about 30 more blue blocks and 20 green ones--this quilt has become quite a project!  I think I have enough left overs to finish one more star block and then I will work on green blocks until I can get more blue and green fabric.

Here's the beginning of yet another quilt:

Cutting out circles in the car to make more hexies.

I didn't finish making all of the hexies from this IKEA fabric, but we have another (much shorter, thank goodness) road trip next month, so I will be able to work on them some more!

I picked up my quilts from the fair yesterday and was delighted to see only positive comments on the quilts I entered!  Here are the categories for the judge to consider (each bullet given an outstanding, excellent, good or needs improvement grade):

Design & Visual Impact
  • Color- Makes an overall statement, pleasing graphics.  Fabrics are suitable for use in the design.
  • Quilt Design- Innovation and/or original interpretation, good balance and continuity, produces desired effect.  Includes use of borders in proper scale and complementary to overall design.
  • Back of quilt- Smooth, no knots, no tucks.
  • Quilting- Motifs enhance overall design.  The amount of quilting is sufficient.

  • Piecing/Applique- Precise piecing or applique stitches appropriate to style, matched threads.
  • Quilting Stitches- Small, even, knots hidden, no pickers, tension even for machine quilting or even top and bottom for hand quilting.
  • Finishing- Border straight, binding smooth and even, corners well turned.  Batting fills the binding to the edge of the quilt.

General Appearance
  • All elements in balance, quilt is clean, all marks removed.  The quilt lies or hangs flat.

The Lone Star quilt got outstanding in every category, with a note saying, "pink thread for machine quilting enhances overall design." Since I won first in the wall hanging category for quilts less than 40x60, I won a year's membership to the NM Quilter's Association and $10 to the Quilt Works (my LQS), with a note from them saying, "Congratulations on being awarded a blue ribbon for your wallhanging. You quilting is outstanding. I am not brave enough to use a contrasting color. I love you wallhanging." A lady at the fair said my star quilt was the one they based the displays around!  How awesome is that?!

The ChrisBob quilt got outstanding in every category except quilting stitches and color--they only got excellent, haha. A note at the bottom says, "Quilting enhances visual impact, excellent piecing, beautiful design." I was so pleased to see the note about the piecing!  That quilt is SO many HST and 3" squares!  I pinned the crap out of that quilt as I was putting it together!

And both quilts have the "Hold for consideration" circled--I wonder if that means they were considered for the grand prize?  That'd be cool.

I'm so glad I entered these quilts and got to show them off to more people!  I'm already planning to enter something again next year.  :-)


  1. Star quilt is turning out beautifully! Congrats on the results!

  2. YAY!!! Awesome job Renee, those comments are fantastic! And definitely deserving!
    And the progress on your Starry Night quilt is looking great!

  3. Fabulous feedback Renee - I'm too scared to enter a quilt show because of the feedback, lol. Love your starry night progress too.

  4. what great reviews! I love the way the star quilt is coming along too!!!

  5. Fabulous comments! So exiting these contests!
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  6. Congrats! How exciting to get such great feedback.