Thursday, October 17, 2013

Orange Super Tote

Little quail families!  So cute!

I hope you guys aren't tired of seeing Super Totes yet (go check out the purple one here)!  This one was made for my friend Jennifer, who is expecting her second in March!  I hope these bags work out as well as I think they will for moms with two in diapers--they are certainly big enough!  

So let me just start with saying I am not an orange or yellow person.  I do make an occasional exception for burnt orange and dark/rich yellows.  But Jennifer asked for an orange one, with essex yarn dyed in black.  Okay, not exactly, but she sent me this Super Tote as inspiration, and there you have it.  Luckily I had a bunch of oranges and yellows in my stash from various Scrap Packs (although almost all of the fabrics I used were from FabricWorm scrap packs--especially the larger pieces and organics).  I bought the essex yard dyed linen on etsy.

The back.

I did intend to do the recessed zipper on this one, but I was really short on the quail fabric, so it just didn't happen.  But again, I added a couple of color-coded zipper pockets inside to help make up for it:

Yellow side.

My little super tote has color-coded zip pockets too, and I love it--especially when I have to tell my husband where to find something!  He loves it too, actually--you know how men are when they have to find something in your bag!

Orange side.

Another small pocket in the exterior pocket (yo dawg, I heard you like pockets...):

I love all these fabrics together, so cute!

Again with this bag I reinforced the handles to the lining, but didn't reinforce the gusset pleats because they didn't match up (despite my best attempts).  I did do the top stitching on the gusset (you can see it in the first two photos), and really like how it looks.

I was excited to put this in both bags, first projects to get them!  


Purchased from TagsToGo on etsy.  Everything's gonna get one of these babies from now on!

I really love the way this bag turned out, even if the colors aren't exactly my style.  And thank goodness I took one photo of the side of the bag--those gusset pleats are such a nice detail!

Here are all three of the Super Totes I've made!  You can see how much shorter mine (in the front) is.

I love the Super Tote pattern, it is fairly simple, easy to follow, and adaptable.  It is really fun using different fabrics and weights, and trying out different methods that other people have done.  You can read more about the process I went through here and here.

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  1. I love both of your new super bags! I think the orange one is my favorite simply because I love the birds.

  2. Seriously awesome totes, Renee! May just have to give this a try someday!

  3. Woohoo! Go you! They look like a lot of work (well done). Also, the color coordinated pockets are golden.

  4. Love, love, love! I'm just going to package up the start of mine and send it your way... you'll take care of it right?! ;)

  5. Your bags are lovely. I really like the lining in the orange bag.

  6. The orange one is my favorite! This pattern is on my list;)

  7. Wow! You are VERY GOOD at machine quilting!! I'm very impressed. Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way. I love the scrappy moon on the quilt--nice touch!