Tuesday, October 15, 2013

WIP: Super Totes, still!

I think this is like day 10 of working on these Super Totes!  I'm so ready for them to be done, and I really want to get back to the Starry Night quilt--the blocks keep falling off the design wall, it's driving me crazy!  I will be so glad when that quilt top is put together.  In an effort to get it done sooner, I've been sewing together blocks as leaders and enders to the bag making:

Three rows done, five to go.

I've been working on the bags 1-4 hours a day...for about 10 days, oy.  But I did figure out how to quilt the orange bag:

Organic, wavy lines.  I didn't want to sew over the little quails!

Despite wanting to make these bags quickly (ha!), I also have this overpowering need to make them really nice.  Enter lots of pockets and other minor details.  These two pockets are about 4", on the inside of the exterior pocket.  I use the exterior pocket on my bag for a changing pad, and this little pocket for diaper creams.

For this project, I finally decided to get some Clover Clips since I hate pinning all the extra layers in bag making.  They are totally awesome for bag making!

For the interior pockets, the instructions say to gather the bottom.  I seemed to have missed that on the first one I made, so now I am in the habit of making various pleats to get the pocket to fit:

Also I feel it is worth mentioning that I make a couple extra lines of stitches at the top of the center line on those pockets, to help reinforce it--you know those pockets will deal with a lot of stress!

For some reason, when I sewed the interior of the bags together, the gussets ended up being more than an inch too long on either side--wheres the exterior of the bags it was almost perfect length.  No idea why--I just trim off the extra and add another inch or so to the pleat in the gusset.

Another new sewing purchase this week is an Ecolux Light for my sewing machine!  I have wanted one for a while, and finally realized I needed one more than ever in this new sewing room and the days getting shorter and darker.

Before, with one small table lamp on in the room.

After--same camera settings!  Do you hear the angels singing?  Yeah, it's that nice.

Unfortunately my machine has started making a dry rubbing sound in the upper section, which I think just needs oil...but I have to take it in to have that done, and I definitely want it better by the time I quilt the Starry Night quilt!  Fingers crossed I get it back by the time I am done with the quilt top and back (using my mom's machine).


  1. That light is fabulous! And I can't wait to see these bags!

  2. Your Super Totes are coming along nicely! Love the little quails!
    And i can't get over how bright that light is! Awesome!

  3. What wonderful projects in the making! That light is so bright ;)

  4. A lot of light! Much better. Love your totes sofar. Love to see them finished.

  5. I have been reading through your blog for a while now (since discovering earlier), and I am in awe of your quilting! What is the biggest size quilt you quilted on your Janome? I am scared to do my current one (it's sandwiched and ready) but it's 90 x 98 (the biggest so far). I'm just not satisfied with hand tying it and I'm not sure I want to hand quilt. just wanted to know your thoughts. I have a brother XR1300 and the throat space looks somewhat smaller than yours.