Monday, November 11, 2013

Quilting with Certainty: curves

My friend, Jessica over at Quilty Habit is hosting a series and linky party called Sewing with Certainty.  The first link up is for goal setting--figuring some area you'd like to gain confidence as a quilter.  It took me a whole week to figure something out!  I am the type of sewer/person that jumps in--I like to get things done (which is why I don't like having a bunch of WIPs going on).  I often do some research to find the best method of doing something, but just as often I jump in with both feet in my excitement to do something new!  Of course that usually means re-doing it at some point.  I am getting better at doing a test run, so I'm wasting less and the final product turns out a lot nicer.

Confidence usually doesn't play much part in sewing for me, I guess.  I'm a 'fake it till I make it' type, haha.  So what is it I'd like to gain confidence (or general ability) in?  Curved piecing.  My only real curved piecing to this point was for the nose of these airplanes (the bottom/dark blue one was my test run):

The top one was made for the back of this quilt, the bottom was turned into a pillow.
I plan to make a few mini/wall hanging size (I seriously can't even THINK about making another bed sized quilt until the Starry Night quilt is done!) quilts using different curved piecing techniques.  I'll be sharing my journey and results along the way, of course!


  1. Glad to see you are joining in the linky series! Yes, sewing curves does require a knack, but is a lot of fun once you do a few! Great goal!

  2. Nice to meet you, Renee! I look forward to following along with you during the series - I, too, could use some improvement on curved piecing, so it'll be great to see what you do. *LOVE* the airplane! The quilt backing with the contrail is wonderful - what a great block for a baby quilt or boy's room!

  3. My next next big quilt is all curves too! I probably wont even begin to think about it until late Dec, early Jan. I'll be looking forward to seeing how you work though them. :)

  4. Love the airplanes! That's a perfect goal!